Restaurant/Bar Owners Save on Services and Products

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Restaurant/Bar Owners Save on Services and Products

In this competitive industry of ours, what independent restaurant or bar owner doesn’t want to save money on services and products.

In this competitive industry of ours, what independent restaurant or bar owner doesn’t want to save money on services and products? As a former independent restaurant owner, I understand the challenges you face, which is why I created Restaurant Vendor Bid (RVB), the place where independent operators can access nationally recognized vendors and member-exclusive discounts.

In the short time since launching RVB, we have established a number of money-saving programs, including:

·         15% off of a national restaurant/bar jobs board, including resume collection

·         10% off food safety and alcohol compliance training through a national vendor

·         20% off, plus a free month, of payroll processing  from a national provider—if you already use a payroll service, we guarantee 20% savings

·         20% off published pricing from a national provider of in-house music and digital signage

·         20% off of a national recognized customer loyalty program

·         15% off of refrigeration gaskets

Unlike other programs, we do not charge a huge fee to join, have no minimum purchase requirements, and work well with other programs you belong to. Use any distributor you want: we guarantee you will not find the programs that we offer at cheaper cost anywhere else. Why? Because we don’t charge our vendor partners to join, nor do we charge them commissions, leaving a heap of savings to pass on to our valued members.

Remember:each new membership brings us that much closer to leveling the playing field with the big-chain players in our industry. Join RVB today and show your competitors that you mean business.

Jack Spasich

Websites For Men Are Not All Created Equal

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Websites For Men Are Not All Created Equal

As a man in this day and age, you want to be the alpha male in all aspects of life. Plenty of resources have become available online in the past 5 years.
As a man in this day and age, you want to be the alpha male in all aspects of life. Plenty of resources have become available online in the past 5 years to accomplish this and while there are plenty of websites out there that will cause more wasted time than anything else, you can rest assured knowing that some are actually very valuable to your self improvment.

Take for example. You can find very useful articles on about anything you might have a problem with or would be interested in. It is growing each day and they kindly appreciate any feedback on things you might want to read about.

On the other side of the coin, you can just fall victim to someone else trying to sell you products that you don't need. Scammers and spammers will operate on every playing field so this isn't something that can be easily fixed.

If you notice a lot of inasive ads and hard to navigate pages littered with pop ups and worthless material then you probably stumbled upon one of these said websites.

If you have any wits about you, then you will see a resource for what it is and quickly move on if you don't feel it enhances your manly routine in any sort of way.

Taking this bit of wisdom and bettering yourself through informative content is a great way to be the best you can be in society. Wheter it's because you want a nice shiny beard or you have been wanting to know about some crafty DIY projects, your hunger can be sated in numerous amounts of ways.

This is thanks in part to an oustanding number of men that seen a gap in the information that was produced on the world wide web. During the time of writing this, there are very fe viable resources that you can use to better yourself and keep up with current trends.

These have only become successful in the last 3 years because of content writers actually taking the time to produce things that are interesting and at the same time informative, without all the fluff inbetween.

Be careful and have fun!

18 LI Spartans Youth Football Players Named All-Americans

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18 LI Spartans Youth Football Players Named All-Americans

Players invited to play in Offense-Defense Youth All-American Bowl
The Long Island Spartans
While attending an Offense-Defense Football Camp this Summer 18 players from the Long Island Spartans football program were named Offense-Defense All-Americans and invited to participate in the 10th-annual Offense- Defense Bowl Week festivities taking place at Municipal Stadium in Daytona Beach, FL.

The following players from the Long Island Spartans were selected for this honor from a group of young athletes numbering in the thousands across the country and played well representing Long Island, NY, easily validating the Bowl Selection Committee's choice in tabbing the boys for the All-Star tilts.

Dylan  Braun  G/DT
Preston  Carey  QB/MLB
Brady  Cooke  OL/DL
Anthony  DePaul  T/DE
Rusty  Dietz  C/DT
Joe  Elberti  T/DT
Quinlan  Finnegan  OL/DL
Tristan  Greisch  C
Jermaine  Griffin  FB/SS
Wade  Holden  TE/DE
Shane  Longin  RB/LB
Rino  Monteforte  C
Christian  Oliva  G/DT
Mike  Pitta  G/DT
Jayden  Platt  WR/CB
Will  Reichel  T/DE
Matt  Stetz  T/DT
Logan  Toth  WR/FS

The Offense-Defense Youth All-American Bowl is part of a week-long series of events including the 10th-annual Offense-Defense All-American Bowl, an All-Star football game showcasing 8 of the top high school seniors in the country and has featured current NFL pros such as Cam Newton, Joe Haden, Earl Thomas, and Dez Bryant among others before they were collegiate and later professional stars.

The Long Island Spartans is a travel select youth football program that was founded by former Penn State/Pittsburgh Steelers player Gerald Filardi and features the best football players in the region. Spartans players have received more awards than their peers from the region, and the majority have gone on to play in the O-D Bowl, FBU National Championship, IV Star Showcase Games, and more.

Offense-Defense Sports has been running full-contact football instructional camps for the past 45 years and currently operates in approximately 40 camp locations nationwide every spring and summer.

Media Contact
Herb Blanding
(843) 903-1888

Westchester Health Associates Announces It has Signed Letter of Intent to Join North Shore-LIJ

Westchester Health Associates Announces It has Signed Letter of Intent to Join North Shore-LIJ

Westchester Health Associates' 130 provider-physician practice to expand its ambulatory services' network throughout the region.
Westchester Health Associates
Westchester Health Associates and North Shore-LIJ announced yesterday that they have signed a letter of intent for its 130 provider-physician practice to join the health system, increasing the North Shore-LIJ presence in Westchester County. The letter of intent allows North Shore-LIJ and Westchester Health Associates to enter into exclusive negotiations with the goal of executing a final agreement this fall.

Peter Mercurio, MD, President and CEO of Westchester Health Associates, said, “We hope to continue to grow our ambulatory services’ footprint throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties as well as western Connecticut and beyond by aligning with North Shore-LIJ. Further, North Shore-LIJ shares our mission to deliver compassionate, community based care of the highest quality.  It is our vision that Westchester Health Associates be a part of a comprehensive patient-centered healthcare system that improves the health of our population and sets the standard for the region. Westchester Health Associates has been designated as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home, the highest recognition for a medical group.  This is a reflection of the quality of integrated care provided by our physician practices.”

“Westchester Health Associates is a premier medical group whose physicians are leaders in population health management. Thanks to its high-quality, efficient practice, the group has become a pioneer in value-based and risk contracting,”
said Thomas McGlinn, MD, chair of medicine at the North Shore-LIJ Health System, who will work closely with the group.. “In addition to its many clinical specialists, Westchester Health Associates has a large presence of primary care physicians in the northern suburbs, which will help build on the North Shore-LIJ’s population health efforts to improve the coordination of care for our patients.”

About Westchester Health Associates

With 39 offices throughout Westchester County and Stamford, CT, Westchester Health Associates is a full-service medical group with a large primary care practice, as well as specialists in: allergy/immunology, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology and obstetrics, hand surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, pediatrics, physical therapy, plastic surgery, podiatry, sports medicine and urology.  For more information go to

About North Shore-LIJ Health System -- North Shore-LIJ is changing its name to Northwell Health in January 2016.

One of the nation's largest health systems, the health system delivers world-class clinical care throughout the New York metropolitan area, pioneering research at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, a visionary approach to medical education highlighted by the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, and healthcare coverage to individuals, families and businesses through the CareConnect Insurance Co. Inc. The health system cares for people at every stage of life at 21 hospitals and about 450 outpatient physician practices throughout the region. The health system’s owned hospitals and long-term care facilities house more than 6,600 beds, employ more than 13,300 nurses and have affiliations with about 10,300 physicians. With a workforce of more than 61,000, the health system is the largest private employer in New York State.  For more information, go to

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