fassforward Consulting Group Partners with Ford Cultural Expert and Bestselling Author Bryce G. Hoffman

fassforward Consulting Group Partners with Ford Cultural Expert and Bestselling Author Bryce G. Hoffman

fassforward Consulting Group Partners with Ford Cultural Expert and Bestselling Author Bryce G. Hoffman
fassforward Consulting Group is excited to welcome Bryce G. Hoffman, author of "American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company", as their newest Senior Strategist. Hoffman’s experience covering Ford’s impressive turnaround has helped him craft a business management system, which he brings to companies looking to change their culture.

When asked about his background, Hoffman replied, “Before joining the fassforward team, I was a financial journalist. I spent more than 20 years working for newspapers in California and Michigan, covering the high-tech, biotech and automotive industries. In 2004, I began covering Ford Motor Co. for The Detroit News. This gave me a front-row seat for one of the most amazing turnarounds in business history, which I chronicled in my bestselling book 'American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company'.”

A number of executives have adopted Hoffman’s book as a manual for changing their business’ culture, and have asked him to help them implement some of the key learnings. Hoffman soon found that helping companies solve their problems was a lot more rewarding than writing about them, and therefore decided to leave journalism and share the principles-to-lead-by that he learned from Ford and the other companies he covered.

When asked to talk about how “American Icon” came about, Hoffman gave a surprising answer. “When it was clear that Ford had turned the corner in 2010, I approached CEO Alan Mulally and Chairman Bill Ford Jr. about doing a book about this epic turnaround. They agreed, and for the next year, I was given unprecedented access to all of Ford’s senior executives. I was allowed to observe Mulally and his team in action. Few writers have ever been afforded such a fly-on-the-wall view of a company in the midst of a cultural revolution.”

American Icon was published in 2012 and was immediately heralded as a must-read title for business leaders in all industries. The Wall Street Journal named it one of the “Best Business Books of 2012” and Reuters declared it “a paean to the ingenuity, grit and optimism that once defined American industry and to capitalism played with government on the sidelines.”

“But,” Hoffman added, "'American Icon' is more than a story: it offers concrete lessons on how to transform cultures. The tools and management principles that Alan Mulally used to save Ford were developed when he was President of Boeing’s commercial aircraft group, so they are portable and not industry-specific. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from them, and a number of CEOs have used my book as a textbook."

“Textbooks are great ways to learn theory, but to actually implement these principles requires the help of someone who has seen them work and understands the thinking behind them,” Hoffman responded when asked how this translates in to his work today.

He added, “Drawing on my experience with Ford and other companies, I show leaders how to develop and deploy a management system that helps organizations of all sizes foster teamwork, drive accountability and achieve their strategic goals. In addition, I help leaders how to find and refine a vision for their organization, and teach them how to translate that vision into a clear and compelling plan that all employees can understand and embrace. I work with members of the fassforward team to teach companies how to use message discipline, design thinking, human experience training and cutting-edge marketing tools to overcome their challenges and take full advantage of their opportunities.”

When asked about his partnership with fassforward, Hoffman replied, “I joined fassforward because I share the founders’ belief in the power of individuals to transform companies and cultures, and because I believe that talented individuals working together can accomplish great things. The partnership we are building is greater than the sum of its parts, because each of the partners brings a different, complementary approach to leading change.”

Hoffman says what really attracted to him to fassforward was this: “I saw how happy their clients were to see them. In all the time I’d spent in different companies in different industries, I’d never seen anyone happy to see a group of consultants walk through the door. That’s how I knew fassforward was something special.”

Join Bryce G. Hoffman for his free webinar this Thursday at 1pm EST. Register using the link below.


About fassforward Consulting Group

Since our founding in 2001, our mission has been to help senior leaders translate their vision into reality by shifting minds and moving people to action. We accomplish this through Change Leadership, Messaging + Communicating, and Customer Human Experience.

We provide a rare blend of 20th century experience and 21st century thinking, serving as a guide for large companies that are striving for relevance and momentum. We turn big moments into momentum.

fassforward Consulting Group Partners with Brand Strategist and Social Business Expert Justin Foster

fassforward Consulting Group Partners with Brand Strategist and Social Business Expert Justin Foster

fassforward Consulting Group Partners with Brand Strategist and Social Business Expert Justin Foster
fassforward Consulting Group is excited to welcome Justin Foster, author of "Oatmeal vs. Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World", as their newest Sr. Strategist and Social Business expert. Foster has over 20 years in sales and marketing experience across all industries, has co-founded two marketing agencies and was the co-creator of the presentation app SlideKlowd. As a Sr Strategist and Social Business expert, Foster believes that the best brand strategy is a great company culture. He works with senior leaders to create cultures that are perpetually interesting and attractive - what he refers to has “Bacon Brands.”

When asked about his background, Foster replied, “The roots of my experience come from growing up on a large cattle ranch in eastern Oregon. That experience taught me work ethic, respect, tenacity and many other values. The initial part of my professional career was in business-to-business sales. For the past 12 years, I’ve been a Brand Strategist involved in a number of solo and team projects. Most of my work has been with established brands seeking to remain (or recapture) relevance in the face of massive changes.”

Foster goes on to discuss his book “Oatmeal vs. Bacon” and how companies can use this strategy to differentiate their brand. “‘Oatmeal v Bacon’ is based on a very simple premise: being boring is a terrible brand strategy. While oatmeal may be good for you, it is boring and has to be “dressed up” to be appealing. Bacon, on the other hand, is always appealing. It looks, smells and tastes amazing.” The book makes to case that authentic differentiation (real bacon) is the ultimate brand strategy. His second book is called “Human Bacon” and it applies the Bacon Principles to personal and executive branding.

When asked about his partnership with fassforward and what this means going forward, Foster replied, “fassforward has always had a fresh, unique perspective on changing cultures. As a Sr Strategist and Social Business Expert with fassforward, I am primarily helping our clients harness the concept of becoming a 'social brand.' This is a modern brand that is fueled by culture, sustained by amazing customer experiences and amplified on social media."

To sum up, Foster replied, “I believe that inside every brand is a truth waiting to be amplified - and that the trends of social, mobile, generational shifts, etc. are the perfect platforms for brands that are truly awesome.”

In addition to his strategy work, Foster also is frequently asked to speak on “Bacon Brands,” social business, generational and technology trends and more. Foster and his family live in Austin, TX. You can follow him on Twitter @fosterthinking.

About fassforward Consulting Group

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we help you change the conversation by reframing thinking and inciting action in daily conversations. Starting with the leadership team, we help drive cultural change all the way to the front-line employees through a tried-and-true methodology of strategic consulting, Leadership Labs and licensed programs in the areas of Executive Development, Human Experience and Messaging and Communication.

Fassforward Consulting Group Releases New Dirty Rhetoric Toolkit

Fassforward Consulting Group Releases New Dirty Rhetoric Toolkit

Dirty Rhetoric is a new card set that provides a quick and "dirty" way to insert rhetoric into your communications.

Fassforward Consulting Group Releases New Dirty Rhetoric Toolkit
  fassforward Consulting Group just launched a full spectrum communication tool kit for anyone working with words, from the boardroom to the classroom. Reinventing the notion of rhetoric, Dirty Rhetoric offers users a comprehensive and easy-to-understand list of techniques that writers and presenters can use to not only be more persuasive but more memorable and ear-catching as well.

Rhetoric is the art of persuasive language. It’s the technique at the heart of advertising, movies, presentations, and every great speech that ever moved a person, a company, or a nation. It’s the tool that captures an audience, convinces them, and then securely anchors a message. What separates memorable communication from mere noise is rhetoric.

For years, the study of rhetoric has been overlooked. That’s probably because it requires learning incomprehensible Greek terms like diasyrmus (rejecting an argument through ridiculous comparison) or anadiplosis (repeating the last word from the previous line at the beginning of the next one).

But rhetoric is far too important to be ignored. A mounting body of research is demonstrating rhetoric’s powerful influence. For example, experiments have shown that people are more likely to think a statement is accurate if it rhymes or is easy to understand.

fassforward, seeing the need to update the world’s understanding of rhetoric, created Dirty Rhetoric. Over the past few months, their content developers have worked with public-speaking coach and author of The Presenter’s Blog, Peter Watts Paskale, to translate, define, and depict visually all major rhetorical techniques.

About Dirty Rhetoric

Each card in Dirty Rhetoric features a different way to play with language. They've replaced the original Greek name with a descriptive English one, provided a definition, a picture, and some examples. The concepts are then presented in four usage categories - persuasion, description, scaling, and memory.

There are many different ways to use Dirty Rhetoric. For example, Writer’s Block is a single-player game that encourages players to come up with their own quotable phrases using rhetorical techniques. Favorite Phrases is a 4-5 person game where each player tests their knowledge of famous quotes. Little Pleaders, meanwhile, is a fully structured classroom workshop designed to help educators as a classroom resource.

If you’re a writer, storyteller, marketer, or educator who wants to have their message heard, Dirty Rhetoric is an essential tool.

Dirty Rhetoric is available through Kickstarter or at DirtyRhetoric.com.

Bridesmaid Designers New Lace Bridesmaid Dresses Are Available Now

Bridesmaid Designers New Lace Bridesmaid Dresses Are Available Now

Trendy prints to bold monochromes, Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses here at BridesMaidDesigners have a stunning collection up for grabs.

Recently, BridesmaidDesigners.com, the well-known bridal gown manufacturer and store, announced its Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are now readily available in 5 even more colors: brown, scorched orange, flush as well as a lot more. Baseding on the Chief Executive Officer of the company, they are trying their ideal making their bridesmaid outfits available in even more colors.

"We are extremely delighted to launch these shade bridesmaid outfits, which can leave individuals an appealing perception,"
claims, the Chief Executive Officer. "Now, all these clothing are available at reduced rates, approximately 75 % off. The discount rates translate into much money, maybe hundreds as well as thousands of bucks. Make sure that our costs are considerably below the listed prices at retail shops".

BridesmaidDesigners.com's dress experts as well as specialists have a substantial understanding of craftsmanship and customer requirements, and they can constantly create innovative Chiffon wedding dresses, bridesmaid outfits, prom outfits, evening wear and even more for the global females.

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About BridesmaidDesigners.com.

Established in 2012, BridesmaidDesigners (BridesmaidDesigners.com) is running its company worldwide currently. It has actually been concentrating on unique event outfits for ladies for a number of years, intending to supply clients first class clothing at the most affordable feasible costs. It is establishing extremely quick these years, much past the typical degree in the market, leaving a great deal of competitors behind.

"BridesmaidDesigners.com is absolutely a professional in the manufacture and also style of ladies's gowns consisting of wedding event outfits, bridesmaid gowns, and so on. Till currently, their wedding gowns and also bridesmaid outfits are readily available in all major shades. The business specializes in wedding dresses and also unique occasion dresses for women.

For Media Contact:

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Magnitude of the b2b portal in India

Eximdeals.com Logo

Magnitude of the b2b portal in India

The b2b portal is a very important tool and we will see how it works for the business scene. Will it turn in the money? Will it give high conversion rates and will it reduce costs? Let us see here.

The B2b portal in India is definitely the Best product marketing directory in today’s times as it caters to a worldwide audience. In this connection let us look at the definition of b2b portal.

Definition of b2b portal:

“A portal is defined as an access point to World Wide Web. A portal is a combination of web pages, features and services which become a primary destination for users. The word was first used to describe the sites of popular Internet access providers or search engines such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo! At a later stage, the word “portal” evolved into something bigger covering business websites, where a corporate portal or enterprise information portal acts as a base for employees, customers, suppliers and other associates of a company to access corporate information and web services. A B2B portal is a distinct kind of website with features to conduct electronic business and manage significant parts of corporate business processes”. (As quoted from internetseer.com)

Today let us see how important and useful a b2b portal is:

High revenue returns: A b2b portal will give one high revenue returns as it attracts a wide audience online. Since the portal enjoys high visibility on the internet it will ensure that many people buy from the seller and this will turn into very high revenue. The more people see ones website and business engagement, the more they will be willing to buy provided they like what ones gives.

Attractive way to showcase business: A well designed portal is a very attractive and appealing way to showcase ones business online. The portal serves as a great platform for people to view and do research on ones business and this will surely turn into high conversions turning in the money. If one is online one has to have something to say. Be it in the form of pictures, graphics, content write ups or images all these have to be very interesting for the customer. If they are bored they will definitely not buy. The more appealing ones website, the more sales will turn in.

Reduced cost of order processing: To process an order might take a lot of money but the b2b portal will ensure all this at a much reduced price thus lowering total costs. This portal will dramatically reduce cost to such an extent that it will prove to really profitable. The cost could be discounted by 50% or more.

Reduced overhead costs: The b2b portal is a great way to reduce overhead cost through its automated sales and customer support system. It ensured that these cost need not be incurred at all or to a very less degree. These tools do the job for one without having to go into high business investments thus saving time, money and resources.

Reduced inventory storage costs: One does not have to store a lot of inventory due to the forecasting and high visibility tools of the b2b portal. It thus becomes easy to manage inventory without going through expenses.

So B2b portal in India shows how it is the Best product marketing directory http://www.eximdeals.com/products.aspx through the above press release!

About company: Eximdeals gives its clients and customers a fool proof way to enhance business opportunities through its b2b portal. They ensure that those who subscribe to the portal will gain immense success in the business world.

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