Larry Caretsky Joins the Sales Lead Management Association's Board of Advisors

The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced that Larry Caretsky has joined the 8,000-member worldwide organization as an advisory board member.  SLMA CEO Jim Obermayer said, "We have gotten to know Mr. Caretsky during interviews on CRM Radio Today and SLMA Talk Radio.  We appreciate his deep practical knowledge of CRM use and its real world application for sales lead management.   We can use his common sense and insight to help us spread the knowledge that sales lead management is a process and not just a marketing descriptor."

"I am pleased to become part of the company's board of advisors. The firm continues to provide valuable insight and thought leadership in the area of sales and marketing automation," said Caretsky.

About Larry Caretsky

Larry Caretsky is Commence Corporation's Chief Executive Officer. He has more than 30 years of experience in the computer software industry and is responsible for the company's global business operations.  Caretsky began his career with Shared Medical Systems, a division of Siemens Healthcare, a provider of automated financial systems for public hospitals, and has held executive level positions in several enterprise level software companies including McKesson HBOC, Cognos and Synon Corporation. Several years ago the Edison Venture Fund engaged Caretsky to help transition one of their portfolio companies from a manufacturer of application development tools to a provider of business solutions.  His efforts resulted in Commence Corporation becoming one of the top-rated software companies in the CRM sector.  He is considered an expert in the CRM industry, and has written numerous articles about the proper use of CRM software to improve sales execution and customer service.  He is also the author of an e-book:  Practices That Pay: Leveraging Information to Achieve Industrial Selling Results.  Caretsky appeared on CRM Radio for Sales Enablement: Clearing up the Confusion (November 14, 2016), and SLMA Talk Radio for Marketing Enablement? Buzz Words or Facing Reality in a Changing Marketing Environment?  (December 5, 2016).

About Commence Corporation

Commence has evolved into a comprehensive cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with functionality that rivals enterprise offerings costing thousands more. Complementing this award-winning software is a series of best practices created by the company's professional service staff, who has engaged in hundreds of CRM system implementations. The best practices, coupled with the company's top-rated software, ensure that Commence customers realize a maximum return on their investment.

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads, which we believe manages revenue.  Membership is free.  For information call Sue Campanale at 360-933-1259.  The Sales Lead Management Association is a division of the Funnel Media Group, LLC.

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Coin Packaging Puts the Wraps on a Quality Gift Medalcraft Mint Offers Variety of Options for Custom Presentation

Attractive coin packaging is an important aspect to creating challenge coin and medallion gift sets for organizations focused on creating a superior overall presentation. Medalcraft Mint, a leader in the metal striking industry, specializes in pairing ideal coin packaging for the occasion.

Medalcraft Mint offers coin packaging options ranging from cost-effective plastic coin capsules and clear vinyl tuck pouches through mid-range velour presentation boxes, leatherettes and jewelry-sized boxes, all the way to elegant wood display stands and glass-topped wood cases.

"The advantage of working with our team is the ability to collaborate on specific looks and levels of presentation,"
said Jerry Moran, owner and chief executive officer of Medalcraft Mint. "We can suggest the perfect finishing touches within your budget."

Coin Packaging for Quality Commemoratives
Medalcraft Mint, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is known for its die-striking expertise in creating industry-leading challenge coins and other commemoratives. The company's highly skilled craftsmen hand sculpt or engrave customer-approved designs into a steel die block.

The die-striking process involves pressing the material into the die cavity, which makes an exact impression of the crafted image. Die striking is Medalcraft's technique of choice because it produces better consistency, crisper images and an overall better product than cast pieces.

"Our team can help customers with items ranging from custom golf tools and special event gifts to crystal and other recognition awards," Moran said. "Medalcraft Mint's ability to provide items from casual to elegant is one reason we're able to maintain long-term relationships with our customers."

A Reputation for Excellence
Medalcraft Mint has been a Wisconsin-based company since its founding in 1948. The company produces a wide selection of challenge coins, badges, recognition awards for employees and other commemoratives in its 32,000-square-foot facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Medalcraft Mint has won more awards for superior metal striking over the past three decades than any company in the industry.

For more information about Medalcraft Mint's products or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

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mprove Your Event with a Wireless Tour Guide System TourGuide Solutions Supplies Sennheiser 2020 for High-Quality Events

Event coordinators increasingly are turning to a wireless tour guide system to focus on providing crystal clear audio as a differentiating factor in delivering a high-quality experience. TourGuide Solutions, North America's leading provider of wireless tour guide systems, works with tour operators and event coordinators to optimize the ability of participants to enjoy the tour without straining to hear the presentation. The wireless tour guide system of choice is the Sennheiser 2020 from the audio industry's leading provider of wireless mics.

"Some of the biggest stars in the music industry use Sennheiser microphones, and the Sennheiser 2020 system uses similar technology for exceptionally high-quality audio," said Bridget Pedersen, Event and Marketing Specialist at TourGuide Solutions. "The ease of setup is a big reason why we choose this system as our failsafe option for event rentals."

Event Coordinators Prefer Wireless Tour Guide System
Event coordinators gravitate toward the Sennheiser system because its combination of unmatched audio quality and ease of operation reflect positively on the host organization.

"Sennheiser has truly mastered wireless technology,"
Pedersen said. "Our customers love the Sennheiser 2020 because it is compact, and tour leaders are able to move around and be heard without fighting background noise or poor acoustics."

The Sennheiser wireless tour guide system features lightweight headsets with individual volume control. A sensitivity setting on the wireless microphone allows the presenter to diminish up to 36 decibels of background noise and provide exceptional audio quality.

TourGuide Solutions supplied Sennheiser 2020 tour audio systems for the plant tour component of the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology (M&T) Conference and Expo in May and will be providing similar systems for tours associated with the AME International Conference in Boston, October 9-13, 2017.

About TourGuide Solutions
TourGuide Solutions is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. TourGuide Solutions, founded in 1998, provides a wide range of Fortune 500 companies with audio equipment to usher guests through live, interactive plant tours. Its clients include Toyota, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Whirlpool, John Deere and P&G. TourGuide Solutions represents a wide array of product lines, including Sennheiser 2020, Williams Sound Digi-Wave, Listen Technologies, ListenTALK and its own TGS-900.

TourGuide Solutions offers warranty protection, with post-warranty care standard with every purchase. Next-day service is available to locations within the United States. Call 877-204-0225 or visit for more information about TourGuide Solutions products or to request a quote.

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Modular Skid Fabrication Leads to Fast Installation Robinson Pipe & Vessel Delivers Consistent Project Quality

Robinson Pipe & Vessel's reputation for manufacturing expertise provides a key component to its modular skid fabrication capabilities. A division of Robinson Metal, Inc., Robinson Pipe & Vessel leverages advanced technology at its De Pere, Wisconsin, facility to produce turnkey systems for efficient installation.

The Robinson Pipe & Vessel team works with the customer's design or process to produce 3D SOLIDWORKS models in order to confirm space utilization as well as workforce ergonomics and other issues prior to building. All projects are designed to meet ASME and AWS requirements as well as building and electrical codes dependent on the scope of the project.

"Modular skid fabrication provides advantages for our customers in terms of cost, project management and the ability to bring it online quickly at delivery," said Chad Hendzel, Robinson Pipe & Vessel division manager. "Grouping the various components of a project into one package makes installation much quicker than bringing in a variety of trades at the same time."

Modular Skid Fabrication Provides Plug-and-Play Capability
Robinson Pipe & Vessel produces modular skid fabrication units for a variety of industries, including water treatment, gas and oil, chemical processing and paper production. Customers largely are able to plug and play these projects rather than shutting down for an on-site build.

"It eliminates the need for shutdown at the plant, which can save considerably on overall costs," Hendzel said. "We can ship the completed, tested skid to their site and with minimum down time they can tie the skidded system into their facilities and be up and running."

The size of modular skid fabrication units are limited only by transportation issues. They can range in size dependent on the customer's needs and footprint available. Extensive projects may require multiple modules to transport, but it still minimizes the amount of work needed on site.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.
Robinson Metal operates out of a custom-designed, 185,000-square-
foot modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment including a complete quality department with CMM inspection capabilities. The company is a single-source metal fabrication supplier, employing over 300 people at its facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin. Its four divisions include: Robinson Fab & Machine; Robinson Pipe & Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; and Robinson Heating & Cooling.

For more information about Robinson Pipe & Vessel's modular skid fabrication capabilities, please call (920) 494-7411, or visit

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Mensa Honors DeepMind's David Silver for AlphaGo Program

David Silver, who led DeepMind's efforts to develop the first computer program to defeat the world's best Go players, has been recognized by Mensa with an inaugural award honoring discoveries in intelligence and creativity. The award comes from the high-IQ association's philanthropic arm, the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, which announced Silver as the recipient of its first $10,000 Mensa Foundation Prize.

The award recognizes both applied and fundamental discoveries in areas such as brain-related research, creation of tools and mechanisms for advancing such research, or any significant research that leads to an improved understanding of human intelligence, including artificial intelligence. Discoveries must be documented in a major peer-reviewed scientific journal to earn consideration.

Silver is the leader of the AlphaGo team at DeepMind and its primary developer. Computer programs capable of besting the world's top human competitors in games such as chess and poker have been around for decades. However, Go, a game with oriental origins dating back millennia, had long proven unsusceptible to engineered challengers. In October 2015, AlphaGo, which comprises a complex combination of hardware and software, became the first program to defeat a human professional player. The results were published the following year in Nature. Later, AlphaGo bested Lee Sedol, widely considered the world's best Go player, 5-0 in a five-game match, marking a major achievement in the world of artificial intelligence. The AlphaGo team was part of the Future of Go Summit, a five-day event held in China this May where their program bested China's top Go player, Ke Jie.

Dr. Harry Ringermacher, Chair of the Mensa Foundation Prize Committee, said Silver's research perfecting AlphaGo elevated artificial intelligence to a new level, permitting a deeper understanding of the nature of human intelligence. "We believe that brain research, together with brain function modeling through AI and advanced computation, are equally important to achieving such an understanding,"
Ringermacher said.

The biennial award is endowed by the estate of Kenneth Douglas Thomson (1934-2013), a longtime Mensa member from California. Marie Mayer, President of the Mensa Foundation Board of Trustees, said, "Thanks to the vision and generosity of Kenneth D. Thomson, who funded this award through his bequest, the Foundation is able to recognize significant achievements that support the use of intelligence with an award that is also significant."

For more than 40 years the Mensa Education & Research Foundation has supported the best and brightest through scholarships and awards. It encourages intellectual inquiry through the Mensa Research Journal and its various Colloquiums. The Mensa Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization and is funded by American Mensa, Mensa members and other charitable donations. To learn more about the Foundation, visit

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