Corporate360 is a sales intelligence data services company exclusively focused on enterprise technology marketplace. C360's enterprise software sales research team have profiled 1 million+ SAP installations from over 65,000+ global SAP customers with over 1 Million key IT management contacts.

The sales intelligence include SAP customer details, key SAP management contacts and SAP product installation details such as product, version, modules, maintenance renewal status etc. SAP customer list is ideal for technology companies to run 'take-out' campaigns, upsell-cross-sell complementary products and IT services campaigns.

SAP products customer intelligence coverage include SAP R/3 customer list, SAP ECC5.0 customer list, SAP ECC6.0 customer list, SAP Business Objects customer list, SAP Success Factors customer list, SAP BW customer list, SAP HANA, SAP Netweaver customer list, SAP APO customer list, SAP SRM customer list etc.

"SAP customers represent a huge portion of world's IT rich companies with significant opportunities for technology companies to sell complementary products and SAP related services. Our research indicates 40% annual data growth from SAP applications customers, which demands huge revenue opportunity for Storage systems, Server refresh, Big Data & Analytics. Several of SAP versions have expired or expiring which opens up project opportunities such as upgrade, enhancements, roll-out, integration, new deployment, AMS etc. Several thousands of SAP BW customers are considering HANA and Cloud. Our SAP customer sales intelligence offers a unique experience of pre-qualified sales leads to execute focused campaigns" says, Sajeev P, Vice President & Business Head, Corporate360.

C360 SAP customer list is the most recent, comprehensive and accurate coverage of global SAP customers from 60+ countries. The SAP customer list offers granular level of sales insight such as SAP installations footprint which allows tech companies to execute insight driven, opportunity based sales messaging. C360 SAP marketing best practices suggests not to source any generic SAP list contacts as it holds no real sales value and contacts keep changing in this changing economies. C360 SAP customer intelligence include granular details of SAP customer profiles, SAP installations, predictive analysis of SAP sales leads, key IT management contacts & IT Org charts in a low cost subscription model with the highest level of data accuracy and ongoing data maintenance support.

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