May 2017

Chef Sean, Chance the Rapper cousin wins Core DJ's Hip Hop Artist of the year

Chef Sean received the "Artist of the Year" award from the Core DJ Association during their 12th annual conference in Los Angeles last week. The largest and most influential association of radio DJ's worldwide. The Founder/CEO of the Core DJ Association Tony Neal, presented Chef Sean with a platinum plaque for his chart positions. Chef Sean is very grateful and appreciates everyone for all of their support.

Chef Sean is very interested in accumulating more fans and acquiring a larger outreach of listeners. He would like to thank all of the fans that have supported him thus far... He is also very excited to perform his single "Color Money" for the Core DJ's during the week of the BET Awards experience in June 2017. Stay tuned in for all of Chef Sean's upcoming video and music releases later this summer.

Web pages link:

Video link: Chef Sean "Color Money" official music video

IMDB: IMDb bio for Sean Hutchinson

Lamar Franklin

Peachtree Immediate Care Opens its Eighteenth Urgent Care Center

Peachtree Immediate Care (PIC), Georgia's leading urgent care network and an urgent care partner of the Emory Healthcare Network, opened its eighteenth center on Monday, May 1, in Snellville GA, a suburb of the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. Located on Highway 78 near Killian Hill Road, the center, staffed by licensed physicians and nurse practitioners, offers urgent care, family care, and occupational medicine seven days a week. The occupational health services offered include physicals (e.g., pre-employment, annual, & DOT), worker's compensation injury treatment, and drug testing, including eScreens. In addition to the very capable staff, the well-appointed center has an electronic medical record system, an on-site lab, and digital x-ray capabilities, allowing patients to be seen without the long wait or high costs of an emergency room.

As a way of reaching out to the Snellville community, Peachtree Immediate Care will be hosting a Grand Opening celebration with a ribbon-cutting by Gwinnett County Commissioners and a Touch-a-Truck event for kids and families from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 3.   The event will include various Gwinnett County Fire and Police vehicles as well as a number of large utility and service trucks. Center staff will be on-hand passing out balloons and answering parents' questions while the kids enjoy learning about and touching the heavy equipment.

"We are excited to serve Snellville and the surrounding community and, in time, becoming the 'go-to' urgent care resource for the community, much like we have done across Atlanta," said Bill Miller, the CEO and co- founder of CRH Healthcare, the parent company of Peachtree Immediate Care.  "We have invested in state-of-the-
art medical record and digital x-ray systems; and have recently implemented new services such as online check-in allowing patients to see wait times and reduce their wait by checking in from home or on the go. All of this is part of Peachtree Immediate Care's commitment to helping our patients to "Get in. Get out. Get Better."

For more information about Peachtree Immediate Care or its parent company, please visit or

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Dads Just as Good as Moms?! Here's Why....#DaddyKnowsToo!

Dads Now Know Everything....or at least AS much as Moms Do!

To say #Dads don't get a lot of credit can be true in certain circumstances, but today #dads are becoming #MobileSuperheroes with the ability to converse with other dads, get advice, support each other, and even plan #playdates with their children's peers on the regular. There has been a lot of chatter in South Florida of what #HuffingtonPost rated one of the top mobile apps to look out for in #2017. And so, without further adieu, the #DaddyKnowsToo app is here.

The company, founded by two single dads have made huge strides already with partnering with #FamilyCentral to build educational courses and seminars for dads, along with creating a killer app that allows dads to help #Crowdfund and support each other in their various personal and professional experiences. Even their website speaks volumes, with podcasts, scrumptious superhero recipes, and a very trendy #Fathersday gift list.

When you download the #DaddyKnowsToo app you don't simply get a dose of fatherly advice, you get entertainment packages that are #Groupon priced for #DaddyDayOut greatness. You can trade tools with your fellow friends, and swap stories in the #OnlineManCave. #DaddyKnowsToo is truly the first app for dads that encompasses interactive games for those #militarydads overseas or blended families where kids swap homes. It's the first app that syncs with the website to bring the #NewYorkTimes newsfeed no matter where you are. However, most importantly it's an app that just goes to show that dads can do it too!

From important resources like doctors, hospitals, libraries, educational institutions, and the like the #DaddyKnowsToo app is a full-on support system for the new dad, old dad, step dad, dad-to-be, grand-dad, really for any dad. It's no wonder it's on the top apps to look out for this year, and with more and more dads seeking a 'circle of friendship' or maybe just a place to hang with pizza and beer while they watch their daughter's ballet performance on Hi-Def 3D video, this app is the starting point for all dads to unite and catch the same cool rap that moms do.

#DaddyKnowsToo #MobileSuperheroes - Download the app here!

Ps - They got some pretty cool #DadGear too. You can shop online or in the app and that's just to represent... *Wink

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FoundMeOnline Launches Affordable SEO Services for Businesses in Houston

FoundMeOnline, LLC has recently announced the official launch of its SEO services that comprise of website design, lead generation, and PPC, SEO and SEM services. The services are particularly tailored for business looking to survive in today's dynamic and highly competitive business environment.

"The internet has rightfully taken over the business world, with companies, regardless of their size or nature, trying to reap the immense benefits of having a strong online presence. We cannot over-emphasize the benefits of being on the internet, and besides bringing the business closer to the people, the internet also helps businesses to promote their brands and products efficiently without having to break the bank," explains Mr. Nicodemus, a Managing Partner of Found Me Online.

The internet has also created a somewhat level playing ground for businesses of all sizes to compete effectively, allowing them to reach millions of potential and existing customers across the globe. Benefiting from the internet, however, requires having a formidable online presence and subsequently putting the features to use.

FoundMeOnline with its range of digital marketing services delivered by well-trained and experienced SEO experts ensures that businesses reach their target audience and convert their online presence into increased sales figures.

FoundMeOnline divided their custom web design service into three categories – website design, website marketing and website updates. The services are delivered following the industry's best practices, allowing business owners to focus on more important aspects of their business.

Lead generation is another service offered by, where SEO specialists help businesses to get ahead of the competition by improving the performance of their website and subsequently promoting the website to get top rankings on Google and other search engines. The aim of the service is to ensure businesses convert their online presence into money by using strategies that include Keyword and Competition Research, On-page and off-page optimization, social media marketing and a host of others.

FoundMeOnline also offers hosting and maintenance service, helping businesses run their website while they focus on the crux of their business. Doing this ensures that the site is safe from the activities of hackers while being regularly updated with the latest plug-in and web tools.

About FoundMeOnline, LLC

FoundMeOnline, LLC's headquarter is in Houston, Texas. The team of SEO specialists provides a broad range of SEO and digital marketing services designed to help businesses establish a strong online presence and subsequently grow their brand. For more information, visit

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Managing Partner
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Helix Urgent Care to offer complimentary medical evaluations for a limited time

Will benefit uninsured in Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Palm Beach Gardens - Helix Urgent Care announced today its community open houses with complimentary medical evaluations for a limited time during summer and fall 2017. These twelve open house weekends have been set by Helix Urgent Care in Palm Beach Gardens and Deerfield Beach exclusively.

These free evaluations are ideal for people who have not seen the doctor in the last months or years and are in need of a checkup. This is also an opportunity for those who are concerned about the cost of office visits due to the lack of insurance.

According to the United Census Bureau, 28 million Americans are uninsured and nearly 5.3 percent of the uninsured are children. Census data shows that uninsured rates are high in South Florida: 26 percent of males ages 18 to 24 are uninsured, compared with 17 percent overall in the United States. Women don't fare much better: 23 percent of women ages 18 to 24 are uninsured, compared with 13 percent nationwide. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as of December of 2016, Palm Beach County has eight areas/populations (MUAs/MUPs) designated as medically underserved.

"We are seeing more and more uninsured patients every day despite the mandatory healthcare insurance. Some are diabetic or have hypertension and are not on top of their numbers, creating bigger health problems. We would like to help our community by offering complimentary medical visits and hopefully we will be able not only to save a life or two, but to contribute to the overall wellness of the residents of Palm Beach County and Broward," said Brenda Stone, Helix's general manager.

The following are the open house dates set by Helix Urgent Care:

Palm Beach Gardens location:

June 17 & 18

July 15 & 16

August 19 & 20

September 16 & 17

October 21 & 22

November 18 & 19

Deerfield Beach location:

June 3 & 4

July 1 & 2

August 5 & 6

September 2 & 3

October 7 & 8

November 4 & 5

No appointments are necessary and patients will be able to take advantage of the complimentary medical evaluations by just walking in.

Helix Urgent Care of Palm Beach Gardens is located at 3555 Northlake Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens. Phone number (561) 626-4878. Helix Urgent Care of Deerfield Beach is located at 750 S. Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach. Phone number (954) 421-8111. On the internet


With locations in Palm Beach, Broward and the Treasure Coast, Helix Urgent Care is a network of fully certified urgent care and walk-in medical centers. Its facilities provide fast, comprehensive and affordable medical care and offer an alternative to emergency room long waits and expensive bills.

Its centers are open 7 days a week and accept most major private insurance with no appointments necessary. Each location has been certified by the Urgent Care Association of America and offers complete services including treatment of fractures and minor trauma, physicals, flu shots and vaccinations, confidential STD testing, car accidents and on-the-job injury medical care. For more information, please call 888-94-HELIX or visit

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Traffic Alert Issued for Winfield/Woodbine (South Carroll Co. Area) on June 18th, 2017 for Meals on Wheels "Tri to Win" Sprint Triathlon

Westminster, MD – between 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland will be hosting a sprint triathlon consisting of bicyclists and runners/walkers departing, and returning to, the South Carroll Swim Club (1900 West Liberty Rd., Westminster, MD 21157).

Motorists are advised that participants will utilize the following roads as the route for the event: MD 26 (Liberty Rd.); to right on MD 27 (Ridge Rd.); to right on Nicodemus Rd.; to right on Salem Bottom Rd.; to right on Bloom Rd.; to left on Sams Creek Rd.; to right on Salem Bottom Rd.; to right on MD 26 (Liberty Rd.); and, return into the South Carroll Swim. The roads will remain open to traffic, however motorists should use caution and be aware of these other roadway users.

Also, motorists should be aware of and comply with any traffic control and directions provided by the Carroll County Sheriff's Department.

Motorists are asked to use alternate routes to avoid delays. Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland thanks motorists for their patience and cooperation and reminds them to use caution while driving through these areas.


Leslie Puzio, Race Director
Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland Sprint Triathlon
PH: 240-578-0342 (cell)

Media Contact
Leslie Puzio, Race Director

Ultimate Consumer Resin 3D Printer Release Kudo3D releases a game-changing resin 3D printer on Kickstarter.

Promising to release a game-changing 3D printer, Kudo3D prepares to finally launch their consumer 3D printer on Kickstarter. This will mark their 3rd year anniversary since their first Kickstarter launch back in May 2014.

Kudo3D's 1st Kickstarter was to provide an affordable, professional-
grade 3D printer, the Titan 1. With the mission statement of "providing high performance 3D printers at an affordable price," Kudo3D was able to reach their 1st Kickstarter goal within 2 minutes and ultimately raised $687,116.

As previously released before, Kudo3D's new printer, named "Bean," is a compact high resolution 3D printer that is easy to use and friendly on the wallet.

This LCD-SLA 3D printer boasts of 50 microns XY resolution and a Z layer thickness capable of 10 microns. The Bean has a large maximum build size at 4.7 in x 2.7 in x 5.9 in.

With the super early bird pricing starting at $199 USD, the Bean will launch via Kickstarter on May 31, 2017 at 11AM PST.

Bean 3D Printer Kickstarter Page

CSA Medical Announces Expansion of truFreeze Label to Include Barrett's Esophagus with High Grade Dysplasia

CSA Medical announced on Thursday, the expansion of its truFreeze® label to refer specifically to Barrett's Esophagus with high grade dysplasia.  This expansion comes after 510(k) submission of clinical data supporting the use of truFreeze Spray Cryotherapy in patients with Barrett's Esophagus.

Barrett's Esophagus is a complication of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) in which the tissue lining the esophagus changes form due to the presence of stomach acid on the tissue over time.  In high grade dysplasia, this change in tissue has progressed to the formation of pre-cancerous cells, and intervention is recommended. It is estimated that 0.5 – 2.0% of adults have Barrett's Esophagus[1]

"Barrett's esophagus with high grade dysplasia carries an extremely high risk of progressing to adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, a highly fatal condition. Endoscopic ablation is now the standard of care for treating this condition and preventing cancer," said Bruce Greenwald, MD, Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at University of Maryland School of Medicine. "I have been treating patients with Barrett's esophagus for over 25 years and using liquid nitrogen spray cryotherapy since 2006. truFreeze spray cryotherapy, utilizing liquid nitrogen at -196º C, provides a truly effective treatment for elimination of Barrett's esophagus with minimal to no pain."

"We are pleased to have obtained FDA clearance to expand our indications for use to include specifically Barrett's Esophagus with high grade dysplasia as an example of benign disease ablation as well as our present indication for malignant disease ablation.  The data set that formed the basis of this claim came from our prospective post market registry that delineated ablation using truFreeze spray cryotherapy as specified in our instructions for use.  Achieving a CE-D rate of 87% in this patient cohort is in keeping with numerous previously published truFreeze reports," says Ellen Sheets MD, CEO and President of CSA Medical.

This label expansion solidifies truFreeze as a treatment option for Barrett's Esophagus, and supports coverage decisions for truFreeze patient treatments.

About CSA Medical

CSA Medical, Inc. develops and manufactures a proprietary interventional spray cryotherapy technology platform utilizing unique properties of liquid nitrogen spray delivered by a software driven device with specialty catheters that enable delivery of spray cryogen inside the body to flash freeze and destroy unwanted tissue allowing for a rejuvenative pattern of healing. CSA manufactures and distributes this technology in the USA as the truFreeze® system which is currently used to ablate benign (e.g. Barrett's Esophagus with high grade dysplasia) and malignant lesions.

To learn more about our technology, please visit

truFreeze is a registered trademark of CSA Medical, Inc.

[1] Runge, T, et al, Epidemiology of Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma, Gastroenterol Clin North Am. 2015 Jun; 44(2): 203-31.

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Galileoscopes & Solar Filters Available for August 2017 Solar Eclipse

Galileoscope is now offering Galileoscope telescope and optics kits bundled with ISO-certified safe solar filters from Rainbow Symphony. This combination is perfect for the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse — for individuals, schools, clubs, libraries, museums, planetariums, science centers, and camps. Bundles of six kits and six solar filters are specially priced at $250 plus shipping and can be ordered directly at

The Galileoscope ( is a high-quality telescope and optics kit created by astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators. Because it is produced and distributed by volunteers, it is available at low cost to support science education worldwide. Some 250,000 kits are already in use in more than 100 countries. The Galileoscope is a 50-mm aperture, 500-mm focal length refractor and includes a 20-mm Plössl eyepiece (25x) and a 2x Barlow (50x), making it possible to see craters on the Moon, the phases of Venus, Jupiter's belts and moons, and Saturn's rings, among many other astronomical wonders. Anyone can learn how a telescope works while building a Galileoscope, which is easy to assemble without tools or adhesives. The kits are augmented with free standards-based educational materials and are suitable for people of all ages.

Rainbow Symphony's solar filters are made from black polymer certified to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for direct observation of the Sun. When placed over the front end of the Galileoscope, the filter produces a safe and comfortably bright yellow-orange image of the Sun in the eyepiece. During the partial phases of the August 21st solar eclipse across America (, the safely filtered Galileoscope will reveal the Sun with a "bite" taken out of it by the Moon. Galileoscope users will be able to watch the Moon move across the Sun for the entire duration of the eclipse. Anyone within the 70-mile-wide path of the Moon's dark shadow, which stretches coast to coast from Oregon to South Carolina, will also experience a total solar eclipse lasting up to 2 minutes 40 seconds. When the Moon completely blocks the Sun's bright face and the sky turns dark as deep twilight, it is safe to look at the Sun without a filter to see the spectacular solar corona ringing the jet-black silhouette of the new Moon, perhaps the most awesome sight in all of nature. As soon as the Moon begins to uncover the dazzling solar disk again, it's time to use solar filters to watch the rest of the partial eclipse.

Inventory of Galileoscope kits with solar filters is available now, and delivery times are one to two weeks within the USA. For more information about how to order, visit

Rick Fienberg
Vice-President, Galileoscope, LLC

FittedCloud Achieves Advanced Technology Partner Status in the AWS Partner Network

FittedCloud, a leading provider of machine learning-based public cloud cost optimization solutions, today announced it achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). The Advanced designation is the highest tier an APN Technology Partner can receive. This elevated status demonstrates FittedCloud's continued commitment to helping enterprise customers and managed service providers (MSP) reduce their AWS costs by up to 50 percent.

APN Technology Partners provide software solutions that are either hosted on or integrated with the AWS platform. To reach Advanced status, AWS requires APN members to meet certain criteria, including increased technical validation.

FittedCloud joined the APN as a Technology Partner in November 2016. The company's elevated status validates FittedCloud's unique approach to offering customers machine learning-based visibility into their cloud infrastructure costs, insight on cost optimization opportunities, and automation of resource optimization and management.

"Achieving Advanced Technology Partner status will expand FittedCloud's reach within the AWS partner network community," said Vishal Sharma, Chief Business Officer, FittedCloud. "Through our collaboration with AWS, we can better serve enterprise customers and MSPs as they strive to optimize spending on AWS."

Connect with FittedCloud via the APN Partner Network.

About FittedCloud

FittedCloud helps managed service providers and enterprise customers solve an enormous challenge of using public clouds, reducing wasted spending, by matching resource provisioning to application utilization. The company's patented solutions optimize the cost of operating public cloud infrastructures by providing machine learning-based visibility, insight and automation. The analysis, actionable advisories, and resource optimization enabled by FittedCloud allows users to reduce their public cloud infrastructure costs by up to 50 percent. For more information about FittedCloud's solutions, visit and connect via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc. Releases Connect™ Video Simulation Customer Service Exam

Ergometrics, the leader in the development and delivery of video-based simulations for pre-employment and promotional applicant testing, announced that it has released Connect, the newest, most comprehensive testing product for candidates applying for customer service positions.

Connect requires applicants to analyze situations and make quick judgments about how to respond. Containing 49 questions, Connect is a video-based simulation test which shows typical phone and in-person scenarios modern customer service representatives face on the job. The Connect Video Test includes questions presented as simulations that require multi-tasking skills, including interpreting customer account information while communicating effectively with customers.

"Filmed in High Definition, Connect is a highly realistic, professional video-based job simulation test, focusing on the decision-making and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in positions requiring a customer service aptitude. The tests are designed to help organizations identify candidates who have the potential to become strong multitaskers and team players, demonstrating integrity, patience, courtesy and effective communication skills. I'm excited for our customers to use this exam, and to use the exam for our own future selection purposes," said Ergometrics President, Carl Swander, Ph.D.

About Ergometrics

Ergometrics is a human resource management firm specializing in personnel selection and training. Established in 1981, Ergometrics has designed the most comprehensive, award-winning video testing and job simulation testing programs in the nation, providing personnel testing services for over 1800 clients in the United States and Canada. Forty-three of the fifty largest cities in the U.S. use Ergometrics testing products, as do most state governments and hundreds of local entities and smaller organizations.

Greg Hyde
Vice President

Redd Remedies Upgrades from NetSuite to aACE 5

aACE Software, the Accounting-CRM-
ERP provider featured on and, announces their latest client's successful transition from NetSuite.

Recommended by Vital Planet, another midsize nutrition company and aACE client of over two years, aACE was endorsed as the solution to typical problems with NetSuite: un-intuitive design, labor-intensive reports, and disproportionate costs. Redd Remedies investigated the notable benefits that aACE offers, then decided this new provider was a much better match. They moved forward to deploy aACE 5 on an aggressive timeline. In only two months, they were able to go-live, enjoying a seamless transition to the FileMaker-based, cross-platform business management suite.

Redd Remedies Founder and CEO Dan Chapman says, "We have been able to reduce order entry errors, minimize order approval due to built-in double checks and accuracy of promotions/campaigns, and drastically improve our ship time from order entry to out-the-door. aACE is already helping us save hundreds of labor-hours each month."

aACE Software CEO Michael Bethuy says, "Redd Remedies is a great example of the SMEs that aACE 5 is designed to accelerate. We offer a compelling alternative for businesses dependent on browser-based solutions like NetSuite, open-source solutions like xTuple, or client/server solutions like QuickBooks, Dynamics, and Sage."

aACE was able to accommodate a majority of Redd Remedies' needs right out of the box. The remaining needs represented in-house expertise they had acquired after many years in business, and aACE's easy customization allowed them to codify those learnings to maximize their competitive advantage.

To read more about Redd Remedies, visit their company site. To read more about their aACE implementation, read the success story.

To learn more about aACE functionality for accounting, CRM, ERP, inventory, order management, production, shipping & receiving, calendar & scheduling, third-party integrations, and mobile apps, visit our company website.

About aACE Software

In 2002, the aACE Software founding team came together while developing a business software package that was robust yet appealing for one of midtown Manhattan's premier creative agencies. As they expanded to create new tools for additional clients, the team organized as Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC (dba aACE Software). They gradually crafted a compelling product, envisioned as a comprehensive yet affordable ERP solution for small businesses. After 15 years of close collaboration with clients from many industries, that initial product has evolved into a software suite designed around the end-user. The newly released aACE 5 suite is artisan software, which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. It is powerful enough to seamlessly support sales, operations, and accounting teams, yet is also flexible, affordable, and elegant. aACE v.5 realizes the team's vision of Art in ERP.

Michael Bethuy

Gerdau selects OMS+ From DataXstream

DataXstream (
, the designer and seller of OMS+, a fully integrated Order Management solution, announced today that Gerdau has selected DataXstream's OMS+ application for its sales operations. The solution extends the SAP® ERP application and provides traditional and advanced order management capabilities. Built on the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, DataXstream's OMS+ application deploys easily through SAP's Cloud Platform technology and features real time inventory visibility across the supply chain. DataXstream's solution helps organizations leverage live reporting of their business activities – an invaluable benefit for operations and management reporting.

"Service is one of the main pillars of Gerdau's value proposition. We continually strive to provide a higher level of service and solutions - and we accomplish this with the enhanced sales order system," said Rob Thompson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "This solution will enable Gerdau to be more proactive in not only addressing challenges, but helping to avoid them altogether."

"Of the many benefits of the DataXstream tool, employees will enjoy its ease of use, flexibility and access to real time information. Our people will be more productive and deliver value faster and more effectively to our customers."

DataXstream's OMS+ application for SAP® ERP provides complete back office connectivity as well as comprehensive functionality for sales locations such as support for sales and complex pricing. The system also supports better customer service through increased visibility to customer history and product availability, which is a common need in long steel environments.

"A key consideration for Gerdau when selecting DataXstream's OMS+ solution is that it extends their existing SAP ERP application environment and it integrates seamlessly with SAP ERP." – DataXstream's Tim Yates, Chief Architect for DataXstream

About Gerdau -

Gerdau is a leading producer of long steel in the Americas and one of the largest suppliers of special steel in the world. In Brazil, it also produces flat steel and iron ore, activities that are expanding its product mix and boosting its competitiveness. It is also the largest recycler in Latin America and around the world it transforms each year millions of tons of scrap into steel, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development in the regions where it operates. Gerdau's shares are listed on the São Paulo, New York and Madrid stock exchanges.

About DataXstream -

DataXstream creates exciting products that extend the capability of your company's SAP footprint. Our products exist to improve top and bottom line revenue. As a SAP PartnerEdge member, our innovative order management solution OMS+ delivers increased value to both B2B and B2C customers. Let DataXstream unlock the power of SAP for your organization and guide you to a more simplified approach. Visit for more information or to request a demo of OMS+

SAP, SAP NetWeaver, and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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Terry Sacka Explains What China & Russia's Currency Agreement Means to Americans

The show opened with Mr. Sacka explaining how China is hoarding gold to support an alliance made with Russia where their central banks are coordinating currency exchanges backed by gold.

He opened with, "China and Russia have created a mirror financial system. As we have The International Monetary Fund (IMF) of the West, you have the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) of the East. As you have the World Bank of the West, they have the New Development Bank of the East."

In explaining what this means to Americans, "They have coordinated to mirror our system for the fall of the U.S. Dollar and the Eurasian influence of the BRIC Nations. This sets the stage for an international interbank money transfer show-down. The East is beginning to set up a foundation to dominate global finance and trade."

His full comments can be seen in the video below:

Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) represent the idea that by 2050, China and India will become the world's dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services. Due to lower labor and production costs, many companies see BRIC as a source of foreign expansion opportunity, and promising investable economies.

Dr. Vance brought up the fact that the stock market is at record highs as Mr. Sacka explained that mainstream media is not telling the public who's selling, shorting, and what the real P/E ratio is on the companies that move the market.

Mr. Sacka, who is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist, has also held a Series 3, Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65, explained, "All you hear is the dollar is strong, get in, but those that know are getting out and shorting and only those that don't know are those going in. In this curve and cycle they are selling into you at this top (market high)."

Hear full interviews at

Precious Metals IRAs
Gold and silver is the best performing asset class in the last ten years. The nice part about a precious metals IRA - there actually is a physical metal purchased and stored on your behalf. Gold is capable of going back to its high, yielding a 60% return and silver a 200% return. They are the real wealth transfer in the physical market.

About Terry Sacka
Terry Sacka has been quoted several times by some of the most respected financial publications, such as Investor's Business Daily, Institutional Investor and the Wikipedia page "Silver as an Investment".

Connect via Twitter.

Media Contact
Terry Sacka
(888) 747-3309

IBIS Airlines' Disruptive Low Cost Model with its targeted customer segmentation for fulfilling different travelers' needs is filling the airways

IBIS Airlines' customer segmentation and focused revenue centers and strategic commercial partnerships ensure economic advantages for the startup airline over other low-cost airlines with their add-on fees.

"There's great enthusiasm and belief in the ultimate success of this high-flying venture," said company CEO, Ian Herman, led by a highly-motivated, highly-experienced management team.

Crucial to that success is IBIS securing a significant financial investment to get the airline off the ground. Plans are in place. Wheels are in motion.

IBIS Airlines, a privately held, national, "low fares – high tech" consumer centric airline company with its disruptive business model, is winning over critics. Low Fares and High Tech and a truly consumer focused model in all aspects of IBIS's delivery of their business planning. This disruptive model is starting to ripple nationwide. The company will make airfare affordable to the flying public.

"The U.S. is crying out in need of an airline that ensures that customers are treated with respect and that their specific consumer needs are met on several key travel variables, as pet lovers, families travelling together and the focused businessmen,"
said David M. Klein, IBIS's Exec VP and CMO, "well beyond current expectations."


Named for a native Florida bird, IBIS Airlines is a privately held "low cost-high tech" airline company that is about to take fight nationally. The company plan is based on a disruptive and transformational business model that will fly high-capacity 747 jumbo jets between highly-populated U.S. cities. Innovative graphic marketing and utilization of unique revenue centers will enable IBIS to offer the flying public deeply discounted fares while continuing to make quality customer service a top priority.

Business travelers will enjoy high-tech amenities in a comfortable, separately dedicated work zone; parents will find a kid-friendly space with family-friendly entertainment; and pet lovers will appreciate the comfort and safety provided in the special cabin for their furry friends. In addition, foodies will be able to preorder meals for delivery fresh on board, and everyone can benefit from the significantly lower fares on all flights, with no hidden extras. All passengers will "avoid mistreatment and get the IBIS treatment" with consideration and courtesy.

For IBIS Airlines Investors:

This release contains forward looking statements which are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The forward looking statements in this release do not constitute guarantees of future performance. Those statements involve a number of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially, including risks associated with changes and transitions in management personnel, the impact of the global economy and uncertainty in the airline spending environment, revenue growth and recognition of revenue, products and services, their development and distribution, service demand, economic and competitive factors, the Company's key strategic relationships, as well as other risks detailed in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. IBIS Airlines assumes no obligation to update any forward looking information contained in this press release or with respect to the announcements described herein.

David M. Klein, Exec. VP and CMO

SKA Consulting Engineers Continues Aggressive Growth Plan with Five New Hires Across Regional Offices

SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of five new employees to its Greensboro, NC headquarters and regional offices.

Keith Rittenhouse recently joined SKA as the Charlottesville manager and senior structural engineer. Keith received both his B.S. in Civil Engineering and Master of Engineering from the University of Virginia. In his 41 years of experience he brings to SKA, he has been a project manager and principal in three previous structural engineering firms.

Hilary Vickerman serves as the administrative assistant in the Charlottesville office. Although Hilary received her B.S. in Geology she has been working for engineering companies for 20 years now fulfilling numerous roles.

Nicole Krasowski currently serves as a draftsperson for the Greensboro structural team. Nicole attended Ball State University where she received her B.S. in Environmental Design and her Bachelor of Architecture.

Dale Parent joined the Greensboro MEP/FP group as a mechanical designer with an education in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Dale brings extensive experience in mechanical and plumbing systems for many different types of buildings.

Joining the Greensboro corporate office as the manager of human resources is April Jones. April is a graduate of UNC-Greensboro with a B.S. in Business Administration and a focus on Human Resources. She brings a great deal of HR knowledge to SKA, having worked in a variety of industries and being experienced in starting HR departments from the ground up.

"It's wonderful to see how much SKA is growing, but more importantly the expertise and knowledge we are bringing on board to support that growth. It's a very exciting time for SKA!" stated Stephen Robinson, President. "We look forward to the positive impact our new employees will have on our teams, culture, projects, and client relationships."

About SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc.

SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a national, award-winning, multidisciplinary engineering firm established in 1957 and headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. SKA provides MEP and structural engineering services, as well as comprehensive building solutions, for clients throughout the United States and Mexico. With branch offices strategically located across the southeast, SKA successfully serves clients across a broad range of market sectors, including education, sports and recreation, commercial, healthcare, industrial, structured parking, healthcare, multifamily housing and places of worship. To learn more about SKA, please visit

Fernbaugh's Jewelers Hosts Pop & Win Balloon Fundraiser for Marshall County Humane Society

The P'Town Cruz'n Classic Car Show is happening in downtown Plymouth, IN on Saturday, June 10th. During this fun event, which features classic cars, yummy food, and fun rides for kids, Fernbaugh's Jewelers, located at 206 North Michigan Avenue, is hosting a Pop & Win Balloon game to raise money for the Marshall County Humane Society.

Play Pop & Win Balloons at Fernbaugh's Jewelers

Participants buy a balloon for $5 and pop it to see if they've won a prize. Prizes include a sterling silver and carbon fiber inlay men's bracelet, retail value $149.95. All proceeds from the Pop & Win Balloons, as well as 5% of any sales made during the P'Town Cruz'n Classic Car Show, will benefit the Marshall County Humane Society.

Helping Animals Find Their Forever Homes

"Participating in the P'Town Cruz'n Classic Car Show in this way makes a lot of sense for us," said Brian Fernbaugh, owner of Fernbaugh's Jewelers, a family owned business that has been serving the Plymouth region since 1933. "We love cars and we love animals. Fernbaugh's is happy to be able to do something to ensure the Marshall County Humane Society can keep helping animals find their forever homes!"

EFA to Exhibit at Global Publishing Event

Connect with members of the Editorial Freelancers Association at BookExpo May 31 to June 2 and at BookCon June 3 and June 4, both at the Javits Center in New York City.

"As one of the major events in the North American publishing world, BookExpo celebrates traditional media, digital innovations, and the writers and editorial professionals behind it all," says Christina M. Frey, EFA co-executive. "EFA members will represent the growing sector of freelance editorial professionals who are helping to shape the literature of tomorrow."

The EFA (located at Booth 1842, in Section E5 in Hall 3B) will join book publishers, booksellers, author representatives and professional organizations at BookExpo. The major New York publishing groups and their imprints will be represented, as will independent, academic and literary presses.

"BookExpo is a great opportunity for the book industry to learn more about how the EFA can help them," says EFA booth captain Sheila Buff. "Our members are the freelance editors, copyeditors, proofreaders and other professionals who make the publishing process run smoothly. We always look forward to BookExpo as a way to catch up with our many friends in publishing and meet new people."

Featured topics at BookExpo include metadata and analytics, online collaboration tools, distribution services, opportunities with libraries and independent bookstores, "fake news," and First Amendment rights. There will be stage talks, book signings and, of course, the popular author breakfasts.

"Stephen King and James Patterson will be there; so will Al Franken and Zac Posen and Jesmyn Ward. And so will we!" says the EFA's NYC Metro chapter head Ruth Mullen. "Our members are stepping away from their desks to staff the EFA booth at BookExpo 2017. If you come out to the Javits Center, be sure to stop by. There's nothing we love more than talking about writing, editing and publishing."

The EFA also will be exhibiting at BookCon, an immersive pop culture event open to the public June 3 and 4, which is the culmination of BookExpo.

Founded in 1970, the EFA is a national nonprofit professional organization with nearly 2,500 members, including writers, editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, translators and others who work in publishing, communications and related fields. "EFA members can provide every editorial skill that is necessary throughout the publication process to provide a finished product of top quality," says Bill Keenan, EFA co-executive.

For more information about BookExpo, visit For more information about the EFA, visit or email

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We're excited to announce that Intelegain is now Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Service

Intelegain has now become preferred consulting partner to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This partnership with AWS will enable Intelegain to design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for customers. Intelegain now has access to a range of AWS resources to support their customers to deploy, run and manage applications on top of the AWS Cloud.

"This partnership enables Intelegain's customers to leverage the flexibility of AWS Cloud in combination with Intelegain's core services in Application Development"
says Kapil Chopra, CEO Intelegain." It enables Intelegain's customers to have an edge in their respective markets by being able to launch and deploy new services in a flexible and cost efficient manner."

AWS offers a broad collection of services: infrastructure, core and platform services, administration, enterprise applications, and technical and business support. Public clouds have many advantages when it comes to scalability and speed of innovation.

With this relationship, Intelegain is even better equipped to help customers migrate to the cloud, provide guidance for security, manage services and meet the demand for hybrid cloud solutions. Customers can now leverage Intelegain's expertise and resources to plan, build and run their cloud environments.

"With the ascent of cloud computing and mobility, organizations are moving towards an ecosystem that has helped them reduce their operational costs on IT spend, minimize risk by having systems on the cloud with the possibility of scaling up and down as required. It was but natural to partner with AWS being a leader in the cloud space and give our customers to derive benefits that AWS offers ." concludes Kapil Chopra.

Visit us at:

Global Luxury Hotels Report Market

This report studies the Luxury Hotels market status and outlook of global and United States, from angles of players, regions, product types and end industries; this report analyzes the top players in global and United States market, and splits the Luxury Hotels market by product type and applications/
end industries.

The global Luxury Hotels market is valued at million USD in 2016 and is expected to reach million USD by the end of 2022, growing at a CAGR of % between 2016 and 2022.

The Asia-Pacific will occupy for more market share in following years, especially in China, also fast growing India and Southeast Asia regions.

North America, especially The United States, will still play an important role which cannot be ignored. Any changes from United States might affect the development trend of Luxury Hotels. United States plays an important role in global market, with market size of million USD in 2016 and will be million USD in 2022, with a CAGR.

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with sales, revenue, market share (%) and growth Rate (%) of Luxury Hotels in these regions, from 2012 to 2022 (forecast), covering
United States
North America
South America
Middle East and Africa

The major players in global and United States Luxury Hotels market, including AccorHotels, Barriere, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels, Langham Hospitality, Marriott, Melia Hotels, Minor Hotels, Banyan Tree Holdings, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

On the basis of product, the Luxury Hotels market is primarily split into
Boutique Luxury Hotel
Private Villas & Home Vacation Rentals
Luxury Yachts

On the basis on the end users/applications, this report covers
Business Trip
Vacation and Traveling

For More Information Report:
For More Related Report:

About Bharat Book Bureau:
Bharat Book Bureau is the leading market research information provider for market research reports, company profiles, industry analysis, country reports, business reports, newsletters and online databases Bharat Book Bureau provides over a million reports from more than 400 publishers around the globe. We cover sectors starting from Aeronautics to Zoology.
In case the reports don't match your requirement then we can do a specialized Custom Research for you. Our multifarious capabilities, cross-sector expertise and detailed knowledge of various markets, put us in a unique position to take up Custom Research demands of yourself.

Contact us at:
Bharat Book Bureau
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9 Asian Vegetables that You Will Love Cooking With!

The Oriental vegetables section is about to liven your favourite dishes and will encourage you to try something completely new, to excite your meal times. There are so many greens to choose from, from all around the world. You could eat a new vegetable every day of the year and not run out of something new and different to try. Here is a handy guide of the most regularly used vegetables for your Korean and Chinese dishes. Let us know how you get on cooking with them and whether you enjoyed the flavour, on one of our social media channels.

Chinese chives

Chinese chives are also known as garlic chives. They have much flatter and broader leaves than the chives you are used to using. The leaves are typically green, although there are some varieties that are yellow. Chinese chives have a much stronger flavour than the chives you can get in the UK supermarkets, they add a fuller and more bodied flavour to your dish. They have a garlic undertone, so make a great substitute for people who don't like the sometimes overpowering flavour of garlic cloves, they are much more subtle and give the other flavours in your dish more chance to be appreciated. Chinese chives can be used in the same way as their UK cousins. Add them to soups, salads or noodles for an extra punch of flavour.

Chinese Leaves

Often referred to as Chinese cabbage, these delicate leaves take on the flavour of other elements of your dishes. So, when cooking with it, make sure you add it at the very last minute to retain the nutrients and crunchy texture. Chinese leaves, like the common cabbage, have many varieties, and each has a slightly different flavour and appearance. They can be eaten raw or cooked; they make an interesting additional element to a salad or sandwich.


The beansprout is the first sprout of a plant to appear from a seed. They can be grown from chickpeas, lentils, mung beans and more! The sprouts have a delicate flavour and add an exciting texture and crunch to your dishes.

Lily Mushroom (Enoki)

The lily mushroom is very rarely seen in your typical supermarket, but they are a delicious alternative to your common fungus. Also known as Enoki, the small, thin and white mushroom grows very closely together. It is likely that a small handful of them has a highly-concentrated number of individual mushrooms. The freshest should be firm to the touch, without any discolouring. Although don't be put off if you see the wild version, which are much rarer to get, as they are typically slightly darker.

Morning Glory

Morning glory belongs to the spinach family, and its texture and flavour is very like the spinach usually grown and eaten in the UK. The tender, young shoots and leaves are extensively used in Asian countries. The thin stems and arrow shaped plant can be wilted in meals or eaten raw.

Pak Choi

The chunky stalks and green leaves give the appearance of a robust vegetable. The taste is somewhere between a peppery version of spinach or cabbage. The leaves are great eaten raw, added to salads, or lightly cooked in Asian dishes. They make a fantastic alternative to your usual greens.

Fresh mustard greens

Fresh mustard greens have a sharp, spicy flavour that may remind you of the taste of wasabi. The leaves can be a bold green or yellow. At times, they can be slightly bitter when raw but a quick, few second dip in boiling water will remove this, although if you like the bitterness, it can be added straight to salads.

Lotus root

The lotus root is an unusual looking vegetable, although don't let the appearance put you off. It has a crisp texture, like that of an unripe pear. It can have a slightly nutty flavour, although when cooked it will take on the other spices of the dish. It isn't an overpowering tasting vegetable and can be thinly sliced and eaten raw. The texture varies depending on how you cook it.

White Radish (Mooli)

The white radish is a root vegetable, which can also be referred to as Daikon and is used in many Asian meals worldwide. The radish is white to pale green in colour and is much larger than the more common radish. The flavour is less dominating in comparison to the smaller, red radishes. It can be used the same way westerns cook with a parsnip or carrot; you can stew, boil, roast or add it to salad.
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How Do I Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for Liposuction?

We know that word of mouth recommendations are particularly important for choosing the best liposuction surgeon. But it's not the only criterion. Professional standing, along with recommendations weighs heavily in this choice. What you need to do is get opinions from your family doctor and other doctor acquaintances. Even surgical technicians and operating room nurses are great sources of information for chosen surgeon's skill in the operating room.

Choose from the Best

You have to keep in mind that excellent credentials and a great rapport with your surgeon does not necessarily guarantee a favourable outcome. However, the foundation of a successful and fruitful partnership between your surgeon and you or anywhere else begins with trust and belief.

Also, when you visit their clinic, you must be made to feel at home, so your fear and apprehensions goes away easily. When you go for a plastic surgery, the first thing you look for is assurance from your doctor. When you get that, you feel you are in safe hands.

Ask a Lot of Questions and Put all your Doubts at Rest

After ensuring that the surgeon you're considering to meet lives up to the professional criteria, the next step, is to sit down with the liposuction surgeon or the people who matter at the clinic. This is the time for you to bring up your concerns and ask all your questions. The questions may be as follows,

• What is the doctor's area of expertise?
• How long has she/he been practicing or his experience in this arena?
• If the procedure is not performed at the surgeon's office, does he use a certified surgical facility with board-certified anesthesiologists and state-of-the-
art emergency equipment and anesthesia monitoring devices?
• How much would you need to pay or what your final bill, which includes the surgeon's fee, anesthesia charges, operating room charges and other misllaneous charges?
• Would you be allowed to see the before and after images of other patients? Are the computer images available for you and your surgeon to view together, so that you can gauge how you are going to look post the surgery?
• Is the surgery necessary and what are the long-term implications?

What are the Points you need to worry about?

Sometimes you might find something amiss or a few points which bother you and stop you from going ahead with the surgery. Here are a couple of possible scenarios that you need to stay away from:

• The surgeon doesn't regularly perform the procedure you are considering.
• He or she is not bothered about discussing possible complications.
• The surgeon will avoid taking questions from you about the results of the surgery.
• The surgeon will be unwilling to show you before and after photos of the previous patients.
• The clinic will offer bargain fees or gimmicks, about which you may not be entirely convinced.
• The surgeon is also not routinely involved in postoperative care when it comes to these kinds of cosmetic procedures.

Think of Seeking a Second Opinion

Even after you have zeroed in on a doctor and a procedure, you may still not be entirely convinced and would need a second opinion. This will reassure you about your final decision. So, only when you are entirely convinced about your surgery and your surgeon, should you go ahead with the gynecomastia surgery or any other treatment in south Delhi, India.

Feel free to contact us at:

Feel free to contact us at:

Watch #liposuction video:

Dr Ajaya Kashyap

How the history of Harlech has influenced tourism in Wales

Wales is known for being steeped in history, and the landscape really does tell this story. From historic towns, castles and coastline to the mystical peaks of Snowdonia, this part of the United Kingdom has it all.

Lying in the heart of Snowdonia is the town of Harlech. With its winding streets set in a magnificent setting, it serves as the perfect holiday destination. Towering the town on a rugged promenade is Harlech Castle. The castle is now a World Heritage listed site and was one of Edward I's "iron ring" of fortresses; built in the 13th century to subdue the newly conquered lands of Wales. As the estuary has silted heavily over the last couple of hundred years, there is now a golf course and caravan park between the castle and sea.

Because of the fascinating history which Harlech holds and its beautiful setting, it has become a popular destination for those looking for a traditional Welsh holiday. Known for being a seaside resort, there is an array of activities and fun things to do through this region. Famous for its beach and miles of golden sand, there is enough room for bathing and walking. As Snowdonia is only a stone's throw away, there are some fantastic landscapes Snowdonia to explore. This is also an extraordinary place for Geologists who know the area as the 'Harlech Dome' which is home to some of the oldest rocks in the World.

Again, because of Snowdonia National Park, there is an array of walking paths which are suited to all abilities. From gentle walks on paths that wander around the town, through to harder treks up into the hills to the Ardudwy Way, a 24-mile path from Barmouth to Llandecwyn. If this sounds too much to take on in one go, there are several options to tackle this in more manageable sections.

Again, because of Snowdonia National Park, there is an array of walking paths which are suited to all abilities. From gentle walks on paths that wander around the town, through to harder treks up into the hills to the Ardudwy Way, a 24-mile path from Barmouth to Llandecwyn. If this sounds too much to take on in one go, there are several options to tackle this in more manageable sections.

Following 2016's 'Year of Adventure, they have decided to shift focus to all things legendary, with 2017 now being named the 'Year of Legends', and there is a lot to celebrate, especially in this part of the world. Throughout Wales, there are a number of activities, close to our holiday cottages in Harlech ( celebrating this event, and boosting tourism throughout this region. Throughout 2017, there are a number of events taking place to celebrate the Year of Legends, including numerous events taking place in the historic Harlech Castle. Earlier this year, an event was held at Harlech Castle which was inspired by the War of the Roses. Visitors were transported back in time and discovered what life was truly like in the 1460`s.

Liquid Voice Launches Next Generation Automated Speech Transcription Solution

Liquid Voice, one of the leading providers of interaction recording, quality management and analytics, has announced the immediate availability of a new Automated Speech Transcription solution. Used in conjunction with Liquid Voice's interaction recording and quality monitoring platforms, it will significantly enhance the ability of contact centres and control rooms to locate and replay stored recordings for a wide range of dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and event reconstruction applications.

According to Andrew Barrett, Technical Director of Liquid Voice:  "We are very excited about being first to market with an Automated Speech Transcription solution that is cost effective to deploy and actually does what it says on the tin. It has been successfully tested against similar technologies and delivers class-leading levels of accuracy making it a viable solution for organisations of every size to enhance the customer experience whilst achieving a rapid ROI. The system will also help organisations to comply with the stringent GDPR standards that become mandatory in May 2018."

Liquid Voice's ground-breaking Automated Speech Transcription solution enables recordings to be searched for any word or phrase and allows the results to be viewed in seconds, eliminating the limitations of traditional phonetic-based systems.  Search results, which can include inbound/outbound calls, emails, SMS and letters sent to customers, are ranked by relevance and displayed as text summaries with search words automatically highlighted.  This provides greater granularity and more detailed contextual insights into interactions across multiple channels without the limitations of previous generation systems that held back the uptake of this technology.

Recordings are automatically transcribed with different speakers colour coded enabling users to quickly and easily identify sections of interest without having to manually listen to entire recordings or search for the relevant parts.  This can make the review process many times faster than traditional manual methods.  Users can click on particular words or phrases in the transcript to start playback at that point or listen to the whole recording.  Clicking on any particular recording instantly locates other similar interactions.  Liquid Voice provides an option for compliance and quality assessment forms to be auto-completed for validation by reviewers.

"Automated Speech Transcription also makes 100% quality monitoring realistically achievable by enabling organisations to focus on outliers rather than just taking an average view.  This provides the fullest picture of contact centre performance and revolutionises the way that contact centres can acquire and use speech technologies to improve customer satisfaction at every touchpoint,"
added Chris Berry, Managing Director of Liquid Voice (UK).

This new generation solution fully integrates into the Liquid Voice platform or can be specified as a stand-alone application for use with any of the market's other leading interaction recording brands.  It can be cost-effectively deployed on a monthly subscription basis according to the number of agents or hours of recordings reviewed, providing greater flexibility and eliminating the need for high upfront capital expenditure.

About Liquid Voice

Liquid Voice is one of the UK's leading providers of call recording, quality management and interaction analytics solutions with customers in a broad range of markets including utilities, financial services, legal, outsourced contact centres and the public sector. The company develops sophisticated, easy to use solutions that support faster, smarter and more streamlined enterprise performance using the latest integrated CTI and IVR technologies that generate positive business outcomes and transform contact centre effectiveness. For more information, please visit

Search the Indian Custom Import Duty Data of the Product Relevant to You

Based in India, Seair has been the one-stop solution when it comes to authentic data regarding world trade. Entering the trade scene is sometimes tough and they make it easy for the clients with the data they provide. Every single data stored in the database is tested for accuracy and provided to the clients whenever they need it. Providing tailor-made solutions is the main objective of the company.

Seair Solutions is very particular about uploading only the latest information on the website. The company has announced the launch of Indian custom import duty data which gives complete details of the custom import duty of the country. The data is in a comprehensible format which can be understood by the business professionals. This data has been recently uploaded in the site much to the delight of the customers.

When contacted, the company spokesperson said, "We proudly announce the launch of the custom import duty data of India which will be really useful to our clients who need information about the country. The data contains a number of sections each having different chapters. The information is so organized that the search for a specific data becomes easy. The advanced search option lets you search using either the product name or HS code. On hitting the search button, you get all the data pertaining to the specific product. You can even save the data for future reference."

Seair Solutions is always on a journey to provide their clients with the most reliable and latest information on global trade. The custom duty data will be of much use to businesses that require latest data regarding the duty imposed on different products. The company employees are ever ready to provide any additional information that will be useful to the clients.

About Us

Seair Exim Solutions is a trusted provider of shipment data since it was founded in 2009. We have an extensive database where all the important data regarding the import and export of various countries are stored. In addition, we have data relating to HS classification and custom duty to name a few. The industry is a very competitive one and we stand apart from other service providers by providing customized solutions to our dear clients worldwide. Our company provides customer support at any time of the day ensuring that our clients are always at ease when it comes to using the data in our website.

Media Contact
Ashish Kumar

Looking for the food policy of United Airlines- cheapflighto

Food Policy of United Airlines.

According to united airlines food policy, there are some points i.e. to be considered.

United Airlines has reduce meal service on flights as many people prefer to bring their own food. But there is a limited amount defined for food, snaks and drinks that you want to consumed on the flight. This quantity is subjected to guidelines i.e. set by United Airlines.

• Liquids should be carried through all security measures, but ther are some limitations. All liquides and gelsshould be in 3.4 ounce bottle and can be carried inside one quart bag and pulled out of your luggage for screening perpose. Salad dressing, soup and pudding are also considered into liquid.

• Food can be carried out in the flights in any quantity but make sure that it follows the basic limitations of United Airlines food policy.
• Airlines has to take care of the convinence of its customers, so you are only allowed to to take that food only from which your felllow passengers are not feel uncomfortable.
• After considering your needs airlnes also allowed you to keep some necessary things with you in the flight, so that you need not to face any problem.
• Except all this airlnes also provides you food in the flight and also serves you some snaks for free on some occasions like christmas.

This was the food policy of united airlines, so now enjoy your journry with the food of you liking.

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Contus launches ContusBot - An Artificial Intelligence Infused Chatbot Solution

Contus, the Digital Transformations company adds one feather to its long list of tech feats. ContusBot is an artificial intelligence and machine learning infused chatbot solution that can help enterprises in diverse industry verticals to automate their routine conversations with customers.

"ContusBot will enable enterprises to quickly launch chatbots that will communicate & collaborate with users. They will save time by automating tasks that otherwise would need additional manpower and resources." offered Bala Kandhaswamy when asked about ContusBot.

Contus has been helping enterprises to tap into the digital revolution through tech-enablements like chatbot solutions. For enterprises that are grappling under the heat of competition and rising costs, chatbots are must-have technologies that will not only give cost-efficiency but also deliver a superior UX and customer experience that humans often cannot deliver.

"Chatbots are fast to fetch information, are accurate and most importantly can mimic the mannerisms of a human, thus making customers feel comfortable."
added Dinesh Soundarrajan Director, Mobility Solutions, Contus.

A New Era of Smart Conversations
Chatbots are kickstarting a smart era of conversations where messaging which was primarily between humans will now become a platform for user engagement and attraction. Unlike live chat solutions that render canned responses to user queries, chatbots will have a fluidic conversational tone that will make users feel that they are communicating impromptu with a real human.

Machine Learning for Natural Feel

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning also helps chatbots to pick up the exact colloquial language in which they have to respond to users to give a more native chat experience. With chatbots the curtain will fall on the era of canned responses that irritated customers than satisfied ones.

Advanced Messaging Options

Messaging is one of the things that users do more than email, voice calling and social networking put together. To make that core process as easy and effortless as it could be, ContusBot is offering to integrate chatbots with tiles, cards and links that will simplify the process of seeking information.

Templates for Quick Conversations

Despite the variety in regular conversations, there are certain questions which keep repeating. To tackle such questions and to reduce the time lost in coming to the real questions, chatbots can be prepped with templates that ask straight-forward questions that meet customer requirements straight away.

Tip-to-toe Flexibility

ContusBot is engineered to be flexible and customizable for any industry requirement. The conversations and templates can be customized according to industry needs to deliver intelligent responses to users.

For More :

Son Of A Legend Creates His Own Lane The streets of Miami can claim another anthem and it is an infectious one.

"Heame" has been a signature term frequently used by Lil Hustle (88). The son of Florida legend, "Rollo Hustle" he has a hunger for success and a passion for perfection. Born Desmond Williams, Lil Hustle has been taking the long way in building his career bit by bit. Having had years of preparation and development, he's Now shouting "HeaMe!", signaling to the world that it's his time.

Lil Hustle is emerging as a transformative, focused, and self-constituted new artist. Hustle's hot single "Longway" featuring Que Williams and Rudeboi, is setting an early high standard for his brand from the word GO! Lil Hustle (88) plans to build and expand his brand as an emerging artist by using a range of creative marketing strategies ranging from video games to movie sound tracks.

Desmond "Lil Hustle 88" Williams has endured a lot in his life, which has shaped his determination to leave a legacy and not just memories. His passion for music is part of the reason he works 88 percent of the time and rests 12 percent. So, whenever you see 88, anticipate greatness. Hustle was born into the melting pot streets of Miami, yet his talent was locked away in Jasper,FL most of his younger years. Breaking out of the box has him reaching for the rhymes, metaphors, and punchlines of his next single, "Arabians" featuring Holly Monroe.

Expect the unexpected.

Nepal Trekking Company | Local Trekking Agency in Nepal

Welcome to Welcome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome Nepal Trekking Company welcomes all enthusiastic travelers, travel agency, trekking and tour company, adventure operator and all trekking related people to work together to promote and conserve this unique Himalayan nation's cultural and natural delights.

Are you an admirer of an adventure, trekking, nature and culture? Welcome Nepal Treks offers all. It serves you with the excellent trekking and tour in Nepal Packages which would make your adventure and travelling dream come into reality.

A cordial Namaste from the (Welcome Nepal Treks P. Ltd) we would like to introduce (Welcome Nepal Treks P. Ltd.) as one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal. We are approved by the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and are an active member of TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association and NTB (Nepal Tourism Board). We are dedicated to provide excellent and personalized service. Welcome Nepal Trekking Company" is proud to share our country, its nature & century old cultures, and many years of experience in this field with you and give you an excellent opportunity to explore our beautiful Nepal.

Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayas. The presence of unlimited snowcapped mountains, diverse geographical and cultural setting in this majestic nation bodes well with the wilderness holiday that you are planning. Welcome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd which is based in Kathmandu, the city of temples, palace and historical monuments surrounded by green lush forests hills has been working tirelessly for past more than a decade to serve these natural and manmade attractions of Nepal to the world. Either it is trekking, hiking, climbing or other tours activities; the Welcome Nepal Treks team explains you majestically and honestly. It is well known fact that ever willing person can change the world from drabness to excitement and adventure. The team of experienced trekking guides will make your wilderness adventure realized in no time.

We are specialized in Nepal Adventure Trekking, Tours, Mountaineering, Jungle Safari, River Rafting and mountain biking, hotel reservations in Nepal. But we also offer exciting and exhilarating tours to different destinations like Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim). Our goal is to provide a life time experience for our customer. Let us make your time in Nepal an experience you will never forget. Our goal is to fulfill your dreams!

For more info :


Mr Hari Khadka
Welcome Nepal Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +977-1-4253677
Mobile: +977-9841767236 (Hari khadka)

Whats up/Vibar/Wechat No : 977-9818078404



We are:   Facebook | Tripadvisor |

Media Contact
Hari Khadka

Motivational Secret Discovered - No Training Required

Motivational Secret Contact

UK mobile +44 7803385595

Motivational Secret Discovered - No Training Required.

Infinite Intelligence (
discovered an easy way to motivate yourself and others. People wearing t-shits with motivational messages, get that message reflected back by others. Thus, reinforcing the message and motivation for the wearer. Call this positive peer-pressure, call this peer-mirroring, or just call it easy.

Messages on t-shirts often spark conversation - that's obvious. But what's not obvious is how these conversations help the wearer with motivation. In fact, the wearer may receive the most benefit - as long as the message is crafted in the right way.

A shirt that says, "vote for X" tells the world the political view of the wearer. Conversations about that topic may not help the person who purchased the shirt - they already know who they're voting for. But slogans like, "BEAUTIFUL MINDSET", " UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY", and "DIVERSITY IS BEAUTIFUL" create curiosity and conversations. These intelligently crafted messages cause deeper conversations, and that can help the person sporting the slogan.

This was the idea behind Infinite Intelligence - find a way to promote conversations that are positive, motivational and attract the good stuff in life. These shirt designs don't just shout messages at onlookers. They promote conversation and reflection.

The site offers shirts for both men and women. Designs are updated often to reflect changing trends, and most designs are meant to be timeless.

For more info, and to see the designs, please visit:

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Powder Coatings Market to Surpass US$ 15 Billion by 2025, with Asia Pacific Poised to be Growt

The Global Powder Coatings Market was valued at US$ 9,130.4 Million in 2016, according to a new report published by Coherent Market Insights. The increasing use of powder coatings in various end-use industries such as appliances, automotive, furniture, architecture, and industrial will enhance the market growth in the forecast period. The solvent free content of these coatings results in negligible or low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, which in turn makes these products environment friendly and hence, fuel demand for these coatings globally

The global powder coatings market has witnessed significant growth in the last five years, owing to its added advantage over liquid coatings and low VOC emissions that helps end-use industries ensure regulatory compliance. Powder coatings helps in maintaining the outer appearance of the substrate on which they are applied and therefore, are extensively used by furniture manufacturers. These coatings are mainly applied on metal substrates as it helps in preventing scratches and provides better gloss appearance to the product as compared to other coatings.

A sample of this report is available upon request:

Thermoset resin is the largest resin type segment that accounts for over 90% market share in the global powder coatings market. These resins are mostly preferred as they help in preventing shock and corrosion to industrial equipment, various appliances, and automobile parts and thereby, helps increase the lifespan of the product. Epoxy polyester hybrid resin segment is projected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period. These resins are most suitable in heavy duty equipment, appliances, electrical enclosures, and agriculture equipment. Polyesters is expected to be the largest sub-segment in thermoset resin segment during the forecast period. These resins are highly applied in outdoor furniture and automotive parts manufacturing due to its superior performance in sunlight.

Key takeaways of the market:

·         Asia-Pacific is projected to be the largest region in global powder coatings market. It accounted for around 42% of overall powder coatings market revenue in 2016. The market in this region is expected to be primarily driven by rampant growth of end-use industries in China, India, and ASEAN countries. The growing construction, and automotive end-use industries, rising urbanization, growing demand for fully furnished homes are some of the key drivers for the growth of powder coatings in the Asia-Pacific region.

To know the latest trends and insights prevalent in this market, click the link below:

·         The market in Latin America is expected to register a significant growth rate over the forecast period. Rise in discretionary income along with increasing automotive sales, and construction activities are expected to create lucrative growth opportunities for the players in this region.

·         Automotive industry is one of the key industries for the use of powder coatings. A strong automobile sales in Asia-Pacific and Europe is expected to enhance the growth of powder coatings in the forecast period. The automotive applications such as rims, door handles, and under-the-hood components are the key automotive application for the use of powder coatings. In 2013, global automobile production was around 84 million units and has since registered 10% growth every year. Furthermore, growing sales of appliances for domestic and commercial applications such as washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioner, freezer cabinets are also fueling growth of the market.

·         PPG industries, AkzoNobel, Sherwin Williams, BASF, Axalta Group, Nippon Paints, Jotun A/S, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd, E.I. DuPont and The Valspar Corporation are few of the key players in global powder coatings market.

·         There are various organic, and inorganic growth strategies which are being followed by the leading market players in the market. Technological advancement is leading to the key innovation in the new product launches. Companies are also investing in expansions, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures in the market. For instance, PPG Industries launched a new cross-link polymer technology, which is introduced through ENVIROCRON HTE powder coatings. This product maximizes first pass transfer-efficiency rates for difficult-to-
coat applications and provide faster built rates than traditional polyester coatings. Commercialization of the same is expected to scale the revenue over the forecast period.

About Coherent Market Insights:

Coherent Market Insights is a prominent market research and consulting firm offering action-ready syndicated research reports, custom market analysis, consulting services, and competitive analysis through various recommendations related to emerging market trends, technologies, and potential absolute dollar opportunity.

Mr. Shah

Career Step Launches Medical Coding Professional Development Programs

Career Step (
uid=pub170531), an online provider of career-focused education and professional training, is proud to announce the launch of its new Recharge programs for Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG), ICD-10-CM, and ICD-10-PCS. A separate refresher program in Applied PCS is also being released. These programs were developed to help coding professionals update necessary skills as they continue working in the growing medical coding field. The modular refresher programs are entirely online and come with four months of access.

"For coding professionals, a high-quality refresher education is essential for them to gain a competitive edge in their careers," said Jerolyn Robertson, Career Step Vice President of Academics. "We are thrilled to offer these refresher courses that will help them keep their skills sharp. Improved skills lead to improved job performance."

The Recharge programs are designed as an affordable and flexible way to train in a single area, improving skills and knowledge at an individualized pace. The online courses deliver anywhere from 3-21 hours of curriculum at the pace and on the schedule that works for learners and their busy schedules. Coding professionals can choose to enroll in individual modules of the courses or the entire program set. The Applied PCS program, which is not offered as individual modules, provides 117 hours of curriculum, giving learners hands-on experience in key coding procedures.

"These refresher courses will provide coding professionals with the opportunity to sharpen their coding skills in a relatively short period of time," said Ben Hartman, Career Step Vice President of Enrollments. "Our goal is always to provide the very best affordable education, and it is rewarding to see people empowered to change their lives through the flexible career training that we offer."

Career Step is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary year of providing quality career education, focusing its programs in high-growth healthcare fields that offer opportunities nationwide. The school is dedicated to providing education with the single-minded focus of preparing for rewarding careers.

For more information on Career Step's new Coding Refresher programs, visit ( or call 1-800-411-7073.

About Career Step

Career Step is an online provider of career-focused education and professional training. The company has trained over 100,000 students for new careers as well as more than 100,000 healthcare professionals through its various continuing education courses. More than 150 colleges and universities nationwide have partnered with Career Step, and the company provides training for several of the largest and most respected healthcare employers in the nation. Career Step is committed to helping students and practicing healthcare professionals alike gain the skills they need to be successful in the workplace—improving lives, advancing careers and driving business results through education. More information can be found at ( or 1-800-246-7837

Atlanta Singer Ranks High in National Competition

Lyric soprano voice singer Kayla Harriott competed in the Classical Singer Competition in Chicago Memorial Day weekend. Harriott defeated over 1000 singers in the first round of competition to advance to the national event.  While in Chicago, she advanced to the second round of the semi-final, landing her in the top 100 of the singers who participated.

A native of Queens, New York, Harriott had already earned the title of award winning singer.  She won first place in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Competition on the State Level and she earned a spot in the finals in the Regional NATS competition this past March.  Her past performances include the role of "Clara" in the opera Werther as well as the title role of "Amahl" in Amahl and the Night Visitors. Most recently she performed for the national program, Delta Authors on Tour in Atlanta, which was hosted by actor Brad Sanders.

"I am extremely proud of myself. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to compete nationally for the first time," Harriott said.  "This experience was quite amazing and it only gets better from here."  Harriott will be taking time off from training this summer to sing for private events and clients.

About the Classical Singer Convention

The Classical Singer Music Convention is a multiday event designed to highlight emerging and student classical singers.  The convention features a vocal competition, grand finale concert with an awards program, classes, the audition experience and an expo.  Participants in the audition experience receive fifteen minutes to work one-on-one with the people who make the audition decisions.  The Classical and Musical Theatre divisions of the vocal competition include high school, university, young artist, and emerging professional singers. Over 2 million dollars in scholarships were awarded along with $16,000 in cash prizes.

NICS Live 2017 – Public Sector Conference, Waterfront Hall Belfast

NICS Live brings together over 1,000 delegates, eager to share, learn and network. The conference gathers leaders from across the Northern Ireland Public Sector to share best practice, promote innovation and discuss, collaboratively, how we can deliver better public services for citizens of Northern Ireland.

Personally endorsed by the Head of the Civil Service, Dr Malcolm McKibbin, "being at NICS Live 2017 will give you an insight into the opportunities and challenges facing the Civil Service at a time when we are balancing acute budgetary pressures with the challenge of the delivery of the Programme for Government with a renewed emphasis on outcomes and better, more efficient services for citizens."

Sysco's CRM Expert Richard Dunlop demonstrated to Northern Ireland Civil Service delegates how Microsoft Dynamics is transforming day to day operations in the public sector with a unified digital workflow comprising of extensible data management, case management, contact management, finance manage and web portal access.

Dynamics enables businesses and organisations to capture the information held within their legacy systems and disparate databases, monitor the information within a dynamic process driven experience that automates time-consuming tasks and presents real-time data via reports to allow for informed decision making. Microsoft Dynamics increases operational efficiency in a very cost-effective manner.

RQIA's Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics

One such digital transformation took place at the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA). The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland are tasked with inspecting and regulating the health and social care delivered by registered care services within in Northern Ireland. Ensuring that they are reaching the minimum agreed standards of service quality by conducting reviews of governance arrangements, thematic service reviews and reviews commissioned by the Department of Health.

In an interview with Sandra McElhinney, Head of Information and ICT at RQIA we discussed how a tailored Microsoft Dynamics implementation by Sysco had transformed their organisation and service users.

"At RQIA we had a huge number of disparate databases and records stored on a wide range of media types. We needed to consolidate those records and find an integrated platform that allowed us to record, capture, monitor and report using the information provided by our legacy platforms."

Sandra McElhinney continued, "Microsoft Dynamics CRM has had a huge and profound impact at RQIA. The important thing was the message that this was to connect all of the different teams, connect all of our intelligence, connect all of our reporting and to put everything under one platform so that everybody had insight into what RQIA does, as it is happening."

"Microsoft Dynamics was perfect in that; it was off-the-shelf but we were able to tailor all of our case management exact to our procedures. It also means we have the flexibility to bolt-on new modules. We now have a solution that allows us that if we have a new procedure or even add a new arm to the business that we can use what we have already invested in to build more and add-on."

"I feel that Dynamics has made such a fundamental difference to the way people work because originally people who had been IT adverse are completely engaged with it now."

For over 30 years, Sysco have provided world class business solutions, built on Microsoft Dynamics, to businesses throughout Ireland and the UK across the distribution, manufacturing, service and public sectors. Following a proven implementation methodology that has been fine-tuned with over 300 installations. All Sysco service delivery teams are Microsoft Gold Certified for Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM.

For Additional Information:

Visit for more information

UK – David Reid, +44 28 9050 8550, dreid@sysco-

ROI – Emer Kenny, +353 1 676 8900,

About Sysco Software Solutions

Since our foundation in 1980, Sysco has provided software solutions to many organisations, consistently delivering integrated business solutions that work. We view each client as having a full life-cycle from the system consultation stage, through to the final implementation and on-going support, consequently, building a strong relationship and a commitment to serving the client's evolving needs. Our company and our products continue to grow from strength to strength, ensuring that when your company deals with Sysco, you have a business solution partner for life.

Kounopt provides the latest Anti-Reflection Coating for lenses

Kounopt a reputable eyeglass provider has come up with the latest anti-reflection coating that provides relief to the eyes exposed to continuous strain. The super top coat application protects your eyes from gleamand reflective lights which emanate from the screen of electronic devices like computer or phone.

With the changing trend in the work culture, it has been recorded that on an average most of us spends almost 10 hours a day using electronic gadgets that reflect a lot of light causing fatigue and strain to our eyes. Kounopt a leading provider of quality eyeglasses, frames and sunglasses online, brings a solution for their customers by introducing eyeglasses that feature the latest anti-reflection coatings. This anti-reflection coating uses novel super top coat application.

Working on computers or fiddling with your cell phones for long hours each day may severely affect the eyes. Reflections radiating from computers or cell phone screens on a regular basis gradually deteriorates the health of your eyes which leads to a costlier solution to protect our eyes. Using lenses that come with anti-reflection coating improves the passing of light through the lenswithout causing reflection of visible light, hence helps to sharpen the vision. This coating prevents extra glare and reflected light to pass through the lenses, hence effectively protects your eyes.

The latest anti-reflection coatings by Kounopt (, features new super top coat applications:

·         provides an anti-glare solution.

·         can be applied to any standard lens —transition lens, and white lens of an eyeglass.

·         works effectively in ambient environment, too.

·         filters the sun light and prevents reflection.

·         protects your eyes from strain and distracting reflections.

Kounopt always ensures to provide their customers with cost effective solutions. The Anti-reflection coating is an economical solution. If you are looking for more information on the product ranges of the or about their any services, then visit their website ( call them at their toll-free number 866-869-3630 or email them at

About the Company: is one of the leading providers of the quality eyeglasses, frames and sunglasses online. We provide advanced hi-tech freeform lenses using the latest machinery and software from the US and Europe. We have a huge selection of name brand eyeglasses (
brands/) such as Silhouette, Carrera, and Calvin Klein including thousands of discount eyeglasses. Our range of men's eyeglasses, women's eyeglasses and kids' eyeglasses cover full frames, semi-rimless and rimless eyeglasses.

Hindus welcome YMCA offering free yoga in Kentucky park

Hindus have welcomed YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association)
of Central Kentucky (YMCACK) for offering 13-week long free yoga classes in Triangle Park in downtown Lexington (Kentucky), starting June six.

Welcoming YMCA for hosting free yoga classes for the public and terming it as "a step in the positive direction", Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, urged all the Kentucky public-private-charter-independent schools to introduce multi-beneficial yoga programs in their curriculums.

Yoga, referred as "a living fossil", was a mental and physical discipline, for everybody to share and benefit from, whose traces went back to around 2,000 BCE to Indus Valley civilization, Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, noted.

Rajan Zed further said that yoga, although introduced and nourished by Hinduism, was a world heritage and liberation powerhouse to be utilized by all. According to Patanjali who codified it in Yoga Sutra, yoga was a methodical effort to attain perfection, through the control of the different elements of human nature, physical and psychical.

According to US National Institutes of Health, yoga may help one to feel more relaxed, be more flexible, improve posture, breathe deeply, and get rid of stress. According to "2016 Yoga in America Study", about 37 million Americans (which included many celebrities) now practice yoga; and yoga is strongly correlated with having a positive self image.  Yoga was the repository of something basic in the human soul and psyche, Zed added.

YMCA, founded in 1844 and headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), claims to reach 58 million people worldwide. Yoga is one of the programs which YMCACK (which has six locations) offers free to its members, which include Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. "Millions of people do yoga because they love what it does for the mind, body, and spirit", YMCACK website states and it describes yoga as "An exercise discipline that dates back to ancient India". David Martorano is President, while Thomas Rawlings is the Board Chair of YMCACK.

Trekking in Nepal with Himalayan Asia Treks Trekking in Nepal- Nepal Trekking, Nepal Himalaya Treks with Himalayan Asia Treks

Trekking in Nepal is the most popular activities in Nepal for tourism activities in himalaya.Himalayan Asia Treks is a leading trekking agency in Nepal. Himalayan Asia Treks offer different himalaya trekking in Nepal like Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, Mustang trekking with other region trekking in Nepal.  We are known as one of the best trekking agency among Nepal trekking company. We are specialization in Nepal's trekking and always try to explore new trekking destinations. Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P. LTD.  is a company, not only limited with Tours and Travels and Trekking and Expeditions in Nepal, but also in Tibet and Bhutan .Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P. Ltd. is an adventure trekking and Tour Company in Nepal with experience in Nepal's tourism industry. The company, fully owned operated by Nepalese professionals team has led tourist visitors on adventure holidays through some of the most rugged and remote mountainous regions of the Himalayan country of Nepal. We are specialized in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet Tour and trekking.Fore more details:

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Himalayan Asia Treks and Expedition P. Ltd.

When You Need a Charter Bus Rental Duluth Can Provide the Best Service, Selection, and Cost

Anytime a person needs a charter bus rental in Duluth, Atlanta, or anywhere else throughout the region, they have plenty of options available to them. Atlanta Limo Service may be thought of as a limousine company, but they have one of largest fleets of limos and buses.

In fact, their fleet is so impressive they have an incredible selection of minibuses, executive minibuses, party buses, and coach buses. They have the capacity to handle groups of just about any size, all the way up to 4,000. That's why so many schools, when they need a bus charter in Duluth, call Atlanta Limo Service.

They also have some of the most luxurious, late-model vehicles. That means for anyone who is looking for a party bus rental in Duluth, whether it's for prom, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a group of friends heading for a night out on the town or to a sporting event or concert, or anything else, can choose the exact style and make they want. They won't run the risk of having to be relegated to an old converted school bus because they chose a small, cheap, new company that didn't really care about their service or support.

For those who may be interested in a limo bus in Duluth, such as a Hummer limo, it can be ideal for five, 10, or even 15 people traveling together. It's great for family reunions, anniversary dinners, and much more.

Atlanta Limo Service is a family owned and operated company and hires only the most experienced, safest drivers in the industry. They also put all of their drivers through safe driver training and consistent and random drug testing to ensure continue to safety. They provide 24/7 customer service at 470.400.9889 and for those interested, their website is

About Atlanta Limo Service:

Forging into the landscape of the best in the country, Atlanta Limo Service has been dedicated to being the number one service throughout the Greater Atlanta Area for more than 20 years. They provide the most comfortable vehicles, the safest drivers, and the most advanced GPS navigation to help get around any potential delay. With immediate billing and short notice available, along with 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer service, they stand head and shoulders above the competition, and have no intention of giving that up.

Limo Rental Atlanta

Hello Online Directory!

Simon Hong, CEO of, announces the release of his free and paid web directory.

Effective immediately advertisers who wish to post their services, products or their personal information can do so without delay.

Posting your ad is simple and quick. It takes less than 10 minutes to post your ad.  Your ad will appear automatically on once you have followed the required steps.

Advertisers have the option to enter valuable information that will in turn help searchers find them via search engines and on   Advertisers can enter information such as:

·      business name

·      physical address

·      business hours

·      contact number and email

·      link to their website

·      an image

·      and a 500 word description

In addition, advertisers can enter 10 keywords, a meta title, a meta description and meta keywords.  Moreover, advertisers can identify their IDs from popular social media platforms.  Last but not least, advertisers have the option of choosing an advertising plan that allows or disallows others from rating and reviewing their business. the Internet's free and paid directory is viewable on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Take advantage of free directory and post an ad on today!

ClonesCloud Introduces 'FundForIdea - A Fundraising Software' for Crowdfunding Business

ClonesCloud is your one stop solution for Website Clone Scripts of diverse business fields and now the company has launched 'FundForIdea - A Fundraising Software'. While developing this software we had taken care of all required features and exclusive layout and all these at cost effective price.

In this digital world, to be in the competition your online presence is essential. This competition gave a hike to the website and mobile app development market and due to that popularity of clone has increased significantly.

Crowdfunding business has a solid achievement track-record over the worldwide market. FundForIdea - A Fundraising Software helps you to build your own Crowdfunding business with plenty of progressive features. This software helps you to build a platform similar to Kickstarter, so basically it's a clone of Kickstarter. This Kickstarter Clone Script is launched for those entrepreneurs who want to start fundraising business for various projects based on technology, educational, some innovative products, non-profit business and more.

Feature enriched Fundraising Software

FundForIdea is highly scaled crowdfunding script which comes with numerous handy features and these features refine fundraising process very smoothly. These ultimately helps both backers and fundraisers to use your fundraising platform hassle free. There are lots of features for admin which let them control the whole site very easily.

Working pattern of Kickstarter Clone

Working pattern of Kickstarter Clone Script is very simple. Those who need fund can make their profile and upload their project with every essential info like Project Motto, Images, Videos, How it will be useful to others? etc. They can share their profile on social media platforms to get exposure.

Now, backers can easily view these profiles and if they find any of the project interesting then they can contribute to them using highly secured payment gateways. If backers want to know more about any project then they can also ask questions to project creators directly.

Admin of the site can easily control all profiles whether it is of project creator or backer with user management feature of the script. He/ she is able to approve or disapprove any project to upload on the site. Also, admin can manage all the categories and subcategories of the site.

Apart from these there are many features of Crowdfunding Software and to get details about it, visit us at

A Quick Health Guide on Weight Loss by CMD of Prettislim, Dr Puneet Nayak

The Internet is a place with tons of bad weight loss information. It is extremely difficult for one to find weight loss tips that don't come with a list of unrealistic tasks. It's an even tougher task to find weight loss tips that are logically and scientifically backed. Fortunately, we have wise words straight from the expert, Dr. Puneet Nayak - CMD of Prettislim, on how to lose weight naturally (

    (Logo: )

Here are Dr. Nayak's top 5 tips for weight loss -

1. Adding Protein to one's Diet

If one is thinking weight loss, 'protein' has to be on top of mind. Protein is the king of the nutrients. RDA Of Protien is 1 gm per kg of ideal body weight for Normal Sedentary individuals. Protein is deficient in most of Indian diets. A body can burn calories when digesting and metabolizing protein that it consumes. A high-protein diet pushes up the 'calories burnt count' by 80-100 calories per day . It also make one feel more full, in-turn reducing the chances of unhealthy 'in-between' meals. It can realistically result in reduction in consumption of up to 400 calories per day.

2. Eat Whole Single Ingredient Foods

Basing one's diet on whole, single ingredient foods is an easy way to keep that calorie count in check. It is the easiest way to lose weight. By doing this one eliminates a variety of processed food, added fat and added sugar. Whole foods also provide the body with the essential nutrients that it needs to function well. Eating whole foods is extremely healthy and by doing this, aweight loss treatment ( is inevitable.

3. Do Some Sort of Cardio

Doing cardio is a great way to burn fat, keep fit and feel good. One can choose from a ton of ways to indulge in cardio. Whether it's jogging, cycling, hiking, playing a sport or power walking, all forms of cardio provide not only physical but also mental health benefits. A quick-fix to keep one's body weight in check, cardio is particularly effective in controlling that much-dreaded body fat.

4. Drink More Water

This might be something that one comes across everywhere but Dr. Nayak cannot stress on this enough. The only reason everyone comes across this tip is because there is significant truth to it. Drinking 0.5 liters of water increases the calories burnt for the following hour. Drinking water before meals also leads to reduced calorie intake especially as one grows older. The main benefit of drinking a lot of water is using it as a substitute for unhealthy soft drinks, people tend to consume casually and frequently. Drinking 12-15 glasses of water daily is advisable.

5. Add Resistance Exercises

When switching diets or taking up restricting diet plans, loss of muscle mass is a simple side-effect that needs to be tackled with care. On losing a lot of muscle, the body also starts reducing the rate at which calories are burnt. One should never shy away from lifting some weights and reap the benefits of weight loss, healthier looks and a better mind-set.

Dr. Nayak insists that despite the odds of one's schedule and lifestyle being against weight loss, the first step is convincing the mind that this is what one truly wants. One can easily find 100 unique methods on how to lose weight fast ( but let's be honest, with the way one's daily and weekly schedule pans out, it's almost impossible to live that 100% clean and healthy life. Whether it's getting that quick yet unhealthy bite before the afternoon meeting or skipping a meal when caught up with work, hectic schedules do not help anyone in their quest for weight loss. Prettislim ('s U-lipo program is the perfect solution for the modern day individual's weight loss problems. By taking out just one hour in the week, instead of few hours in the day, anyone can shed a few inches off every week; a completely effective, safe and painless method to shed those kilos without the ill-effects of actual liposuction. To top it all off, U-lipo is a convenient and economical avenue to help with weight loss problems.

About Prettislim
Prettislim has three clinics across Mumbai, and they function with the aim to reduce obesity and to encourage Mumbaikars to live a healthy life. The clinics are run by qualified MBBS and MD doctors, along with dieticians, physiotherapists, and allied health professionals. Apart from their U-Lipo[TM] treatments, the clinic also offers their clients constant support over the phone. Clients have access to a slimming coach, who motivates them to continue their diet and exercise regime, even on days when they do not have to come to the clinic. This continuous support is what motivates clients to continue with their fitness goals at Prettislim, and what keeps them coming back.

Media Contact:
Nikki Panjrath
Manager - Operations & EA to MD
Prettislim Clinic, Mumbai

SonicWall Appoints Michael Berg, IT Channel and Distributor Expert, to Lead Channel Program in Europe

SonicWall, the trusted security partner protecting more than one million networks worldwide, announced today that Michael Berg has joined the company as Senior Director of Channel Sales with a focus on Europe. As the latest addition to SonicWall's worldwide Sales and Channel team, Berg will enhance the company's strong relationships with the European channel and enable SonicWall to deepen its relationships with distributors.

The WannaCry global attack that shut down hospitals in the United Kingdom's National Health Service and inflected more than 150 countries is a timely reminder of the reach of ransomware and other threat vectors across Europe and globally. According to the data gathered by the SonicWall Capture Labs team and reported in the SonicWall Annual Threat Report, ransomware grew from 3.8 million in 2015 to an astounding 638 million attack attempts in 2016 for a 167x year-over-year increase. SonicWall has added leadership in the European market to partner more closely with the channel in securing customers from threat vectors such ransomware, leveraging the company's real-time breach detection and prevention solutions guided by real-time insights from the SonicWall Capture Threat Network.

Michael Berg Tapped for SonicWall Sales and Channel Team in Europe

As part of the Worldwide Sales and Channel team, Berg will drives sales and channel programs in Europe and is based in Switzerland. He will be responsible for executing on SonicWall's 100 percent channel go-to-market strategies, partner recruitment and development, distribution partnerships and the full implementation of the SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program to drive mutual revenue growth with the channel.

"SonicWall already has garnered unprecedented traction with channel partners globally and in Europe since spinning off as an independent cybersecurity company in November," said Steve Pataky, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Channel. "Michael's expertise will strengthen the deep partnerships we are building with channel partners in the next phase of our growth. I'm particularly excited that Michael brings personal experience working with distributors and can strengthen our close ties with the distributor community."

Berg brings to SonicWall more than 20 years of experience working with channel partners and distributors in the region. He joins the SonicWall team after serving as the Channel Director at encrypted communications firm Silent Circle, where he lead commercial activities with distributors in the mobile device space. Previously, he was Vice President of Project Management at leading IT distributor ASBISc Enterprises PLC and established strong channel relationships across EMEA. Berg developed his in-depth knowledge of the distributors earlier in his career during his 15 years at distributor Tech Data, where he served in various management positions in Germany and Switzerland.

"After 20 years of working with channel partners and distributors, I have developed a great impression of SonicWall," said Berg. "The rush of partners to join the SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program demonstrates that the company enjoys partnerships with the channel that are unmatched in the industry. I am excited to join SonicWall at a time when it's seeing incredible traction with the channel worldwide, fueled by a mix of strong leadership, innovative solutions and channel enablement."

Global Shea Butter Market (2017-2024)- Research Nester

Shea butter is a type of fat which is used in various skins and hair related products and possess various healing properties. It is derived from the seeds of Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea) tree which is mainly found in Africa. Shea butter is free of any artificial chemicals and is composed of stearic acid and oleic acid. Shea butter is used extensively in the cosmetic products such as skin moisturizers, hair conditioners and lip gloss. Apart from this, shea butter is used in various industries such as food and healthcare. Consumers worldwide prefer shea butter products. The process of extracting shea butter from nut involves various processes such as cracking, crushing, roasting, grinding, separating the oils and collecting and shaping. The market share of shea butter has constantly been rising as compared to cocoa butter or palm oils. The market share of the shea butter is growing due to the increased adoption of shea butter products over cocoa butter or pal oils. The advantages that it offers over the cocoa and palm oil is that shea butter has low fat content and better healing properties than the former.

Further, the shea butter products are powerful antioxidants and restore the damaged skin and hair to health. However, the cocoa butter contains only polyphenol which is helpful in relieving stress. Shea butter contains vitamin A and vitamin E which are vital for skin and eyes. In addition to this, shea butter contains cinnamic acid which prevents the skin from ultraviolet rays. Moreover, cocoa butter is a good moisturizer but shea butter is more flexible and can be used in different treatment processes such as skin healing, hair healing and lip healing.

Market Size and forecast

Europe and North America are the holding the largest market share of global shea butter followed by Asia-Pacific.
Further, government policies are bolstering the European shea butter market. Recently, European Union instructed that minimum 5% shea must be present in eatable products like chocolate which is expected to bolster the shea butter market. Further, North America is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period owing to the high demand for cosmetic products such as lip scrub, lip gloss and hair conditioners.

Asia-Pacific is anticipated to showcase a growth in the demand of global shea butter. Rising consumer awareness and increasing healthcare concern are the key factors which are expected to bolster the Asia-Pacific shea butter market. Japan is the major country in the Asia-Pacific accounting for the largest market share in the region.

Market Segmentation

By Type

Raw and unrefined Shea butter

Refined Shea Butter

By Application

Cosmetics & Personal care




By Region

Global Shea butter market is further classified on the basis of region as follows:

North America (U.S. & Canada) Market size, Y-O-Y growth & Opportunity Analysis

Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of Latin America) Market size, Y-O-Y growth & Opportunity Analysis

Western and Eastern Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg, Rest of Western Europe) Market size, Y-O-Y growth & Opportunity Analysis

Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea & Rest of Asia) Market size, Y-O-Y growth & Opportunity Analysis

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Market Size and Y-O-Y Growth Analysis

Growth Drivers and Challenges

Rising consumer inclination towards natural products and consumer awareness are the key growth drivers driving the global market of shea butter. Moreover, rise in the use of shea butter in the cosmetic products are driving the growth of the market. Further, favorable government policies are expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Moreover, increase in consumption of eatable products consisting of shea butter such as chocolates are likely to be the key growth drivers during the forecast period i.e. 2017-2024.

However, availability of various substitute products with a low price tag is anticipated to dampen the growth of global shea butter market. Moreover, the absence of minimum quality standard and poor level of industry organization poses a serious challenge to the growth of global shea butter market.

Key players

Star Shea Ltd

All Pure Nature Ltd

Shea Radiance

Shea Therapy Ltd (AGC Ltd)


Jedwards International, Inc

Lovinah Naturals

IOI Loders Croklaan

Ghana Nuts Ltd

Maison Karite Sociedad Limitada

Scope and Context

Overview of the Parent Market

Analyst View


The Global Shea butter Market is segmented as follows:

By Application Market Size & Y-O-Y Growth Analysis

By Region Market Size & Y-O-Y Growth Analysis

Market Dynamics

Supply & Demand Risk

Competitive Landscape

Porter's Five Force Model

Geographical Economic Activity

Key Players (respective SWOT Analysis) and their Strategies and Product Portfolio

Recent Trends and Developments

Industry Growth Drivers and Challenges

Key Information for Players to establish themselves in current dynamic environment

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Lenders approve Debt Restructuring Scheme exit for RDEL

Reliance Defence and Engineering Limited (RDEL), a subsidiary of Anil Ambani's Reliance Infrastructure (RInfra) has obtained approval to exit from the Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) Scheme, with RBI's concurrence in the matter.

The lenders of the CDR-Empowered Group (EG) headed by IDBI bank have given consensus to part with the scheme. Exiting CDR will provide increased financial flexibility to the company.

"The lenders have approved our CDR," a Reliance official stated in anonymity. "They have also given their go-ahead for the implementation of refinancing scheme of Reliance Defence."  The RDEL stocks ascended 3.36% or ₹ 2.15 on the day Reliance Infra increased the stakes in RDEL to about 31%. The existing debt on RDEL of ₹650 crore will be converted into equity shares at a price of ₹ 59.35 per equity share. The current order from the Navy, Coast Guard and commercial vessels amount to ₹ 5300 crores.

Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Company Limited (PDOECL) were rechristened to RDEL in March 2016. One of the first objectives posts the acquisition was exiting the CDR scheme and have finally accomplished the task. The company in a statement said, "As a part of the refinancing scheme approved by the lenders, the door-to-door tenure of RDEL's term loan stands extended to 18 years". The company will enjoy longer maturity periods on their loans amounting to Rs. 6800/- crore.

RDEL has developed the most modern and versatile engineering and fabrication facilities along with the largest dry dock in India, with state-of-the-
art shipbuilding infrastructure suitable for construction of a wide range of warships and submarines, making it the first private company to obtain license and contracts to build warships. The exit has taken place in time with the 'Make in India' program and would ensure further employment and constructive defence structuring for India.

Craig Raucher: Talking About The Skills Revolving Around Customer Satisfaction

ustomer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for maximum companies, out there. In this competitive market, it becomes rather difficult to stay at the top, unless the companies are aware of the best skills to impress customers. Therefore, Craig Raucher is here with his ideas and points, which can help in addressing the skills for ultimate customer satisfaction. For that, small businesses and big giants are requested to follow the Craig Raucher – Skills for Customer Satisfaction for the impressive help around here.

Customer skills are likely to matter the most. Unless the companies are able to satisfy the clients, they won't be able to do business well. Going through the vague skills is not enough as majority of companies are working on the same tactics. To be at the top, the owners have to follow some different yet promising tactics, which will not fail to wow the customers, at all.

Among the skills designed under Craig Raucher – Skills for Customer Satisfaction, patience is the one to be working one, first. This has to be right at the top of the customer service skill checklist. Patience is not just important towards customers, but also important for the business, at large. Great service can always beat fast service. However, patience must not be an excuse for slothful service.

As per Craig in a recent news conference, "Patience is the key towards addressing proper customer satisfaction, but this is not enough. Attentiveness is another mystery, where you get the chance to listen to customers and the services are crucial for great service for multiple reasons. Well, I believe that it takes a lot of hard work and skills to help and attract your customers. For that, patience and attentiveness are no doubt important. You cannot lose hope instantly, as that will bring your business down in no time."

Clear communication skill is another major plus point for impressive customers an taking proper care of their queries and problems. Clear and transparent communication will help customers to know more about the services of their chosen firm. Moreover, they will further come to know more about the clear communicative skills, which can address their needs in the most impressive manner possible. Customers don't have all the time in their hands to wait for their problems to be resolved. Therefore, maintaining a proper and strong communication with them is a good way to get their trust back.

For some other important details on customer satisfaction skill management, visiting can be a great help.

About Craig Raucher:

Craig Raucher is a leader in sales, logistic management and what not. He is a marketing giant and have years of experience in this sector.

Craig Raucher
(718) 605-2189

Assertion Operational Checklist Automation pack launched

Assertion announces the launch of the first operational checklist automation package in India.

Keeping a tight lid on operational costs is mandated in an era of slashed budgets, but administrators know that operational metrics need to show continuous year on year improvement, even as additional capabilities are needed to keep up with business requirements. Automation is the key – increasing automation can year on year help organizations achieve these three targets: lowering costs, increasing performance, and enhancing system capabilities. And system maintenance and upkeep is ripe for automation.

A large part of routine system maintenance, especially in enterprise UC and CC systems, involves systematic checking of parameters and values across multiple systems. But doing this manually makes it slow, resource-intensive, and error-prone.

Assertion, a leading automated compliance engine for enterprise applications, makes these a thing of the past. Assertion's Operational Checklist Automation package gathers industry best practices into a series of automated checks that ensure improved operational performance for your UC and CC systems. It ensures that you can run system checks within minutes, so you know that your systems are always operationally ready and up to date.

"Our conversations with some of the biggest global organizations in India shows that routine administrative and maintenance tasks are a huge time sink for administrators. Also, spending expensive human resources on mundane tasks is wasteful" says Srini Narayanan, CEO and founder of SmarterHi Communications.

"We are pleased to bring out the Operational Checklist Automation package.", says Srini. "With this package, organizations can now confidently state that their systems maintenance gets done quickly, properly, and on time." The Operational Checklist Automation pack is available with partners immediately.

About Assertion

Assertion is an Enterprise-grade platform for automated compliance of multiple enterprise applications. Assertion is the flagship of SmarterHi Communications, a startup founded by Srini Narayanan and Pradeep Vasudev. The company is based in Pune, India. For more details, visit

How Clinic Management System Works for Growth of Clinics?

The Clinic Management System is developed with the idea to help simplify clinical functions. This software makes clinical operations to work better. It saves information on its database so that all patient history, doctor information, and clinical updates can be made available to all. This software has the power to bring all clinical operations on a single platform and make things function better and smarter.

With the launch of the CMS, GA Technocare Technology has proven its grit to everyone in the world. It has paved the way to help normalize clinical operations. The service takes to wings with the deployment of this software. Now, patients get to learn all details about their doctors and when they have an appointment. Doctors too get details about their patient history and can keep their medical records. Other professionals too find it easier to manage clinical operations with the help of this tool.

This software functions with all perfection to bring about smooth clinical operations. Apart from maintaining details about patient history and medical records, this tool also helps to complete Professional Medical Billing Services. Now, patients can easily get their Medi-claims cleared. This definitely helps to make payments in time. So, doctors come forward to give the best treatment to their patient in time.

Generating bills and maintaining patient record has been simplified with the launch of this amazing software. This tool is convenient and its flexibility creates a lot of opportunity to help patients, doctors and other professionals working in a clinic. Deploying this software saves on time, effort, money, and resources. Information gets updated on the database automatically. That is how everyone stays informed and updated.

Clinic Management System is developed for the purpose of making clinics work finer. It can be deployed in all small and large hospitals. This tool has the capacity to streamline operations and to make it appear simpler to everyone involved in its process. For outside visitors too, this software is largely beneficial and can do wonders. This software is important for everyone associated with a hospital. It makes clinical functions work incredibly well. There is no better tool for hospitals rather than this software.

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GA Technocare Technology

Ecosmob Announced Launch of IP PBX Software with Advanced Features

Speaking on the occasion a spokesman of Ecosmob said, " Ecosmob is an established Indian VoIP solution provider serving telecom industries worldwide and it offers cutting edge multi-tenant IP PBX solutions that bring a host of benefits for multi-tenant IP PBX providers."

Ecosmob, he went on, is constantly upgrading its technological capabilities to offer the latest and the most feature rich IP PBX solutions to service providers. Such service providers get the benefit of a customized, ultra-reliable solution that is also scalable and secure. One of the greatest benefits to such multi-tenant IP PBX providers is that the solution is based on a single network yet offers diverse features such as voice, video and multimedia and access from anywhere, using any remote network bridging. There are standard features like call return, routing, routing rules, phone books, queuing, blind and attended transfer, hold and retrieve, conferencing, selection acceptance or rejection, music on hold, voice mail and others. What service providers also appreciate is customized dashboard with real time system status, monitoring, reporting and billing in a package that offers the latest and the best. It is also user friendly. Multi-tenant providers can easily manage dozens or hundreds of customers all through a simple web interface. An ecommerce portal may be included to facilitate registration and secure payment.

Hosted IP PBX can be deployed in hours and any service provider can offer a solution that is up and running in a short time with least cost incidence. Providers can assign rights or offer only a set of features with inbuilt scalability according to their client requirements and this ensures customer loyalty. That Ecosmob solutions for IP PBX are free of bugs and work reliably further enhances client satisfaction. Even mobile VoIP may become a part of the solution if so desired. Another benefit for service providers is that cloud hosted packages do away with the need for hardware installation.

Based in India but with a workforce that is second to none in terms of technical capabilities, Ecosmob offers the latest but at highly affordable rates. Ecosmob customized IP PBX software development costs are a fraction of what one would pay in developed countries and customization means owner retains code besides being assured of continuing service support, which, too, is priced quite affordably. "However, in our experience, this is rarely needed and if at all it is needed, we do not charge anything for minor mods," said the representative.

About: Ecosmob offers IP PBX software solutions with full support besides VoIP and mobile VoIP integrations at the best prices. They may be contacted by phone 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139, email sales@ecosmob.comor via their website
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