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Infinite Intelligence (
discovered an easy way to motivate yourself and others. People wearing t-shits with motivational messages, get that message reflected back by others. Thus, reinforcing the message and motivation for the wearer. Call this positive peer-pressure, call this peer-mirroring, or just call it easy.

Messages on t-shirts often spark conversation - that's obvious. But what's not obvious is how these conversations help the wearer with motivation. In fact, the wearer may receive the most benefit - as long as the message is crafted in the right way.

A shirt that says, "vote for X" tells the world the political view of the wearer. Conversations about that topic may not help the person who purchased the shirt - they already know who they're voting for. But slogans like, "BEAUTIFUL MINDSET", " UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY", and "DIVERSITY IS BEAUTIFUL" create curiosity and conversations. These intelligently crafted messages cause deeper conversations, and that can help the person sporting the slogan.

This was the idea behind Infinite Intelligence - find a way to promote conversations that are positive, motivational and attract the good stuff in life. These shirt designs don't just shout messages at onlookers. They promote conversation and reflection.

The site offers shirts for both men and women. Designs are updated often to reflect changing trends, and most designs are meant to be timeless.

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