"Heame" has been a signature term frequently used by Lil Hustle (88). The son of Florida legend, "Rollo Hustle" he has a hunger for success and a passion for perfection. Born Desmond Williams, Lil Hustle has been taking the long way in building his career bit by bit. Having had years of preparation and development, he's Now shouting "HeaMe!", signaling to the world that it's his time.

Lil Hustle is emerging as a transformative, focused, and self-constituted new artist. Hustle's hot single "Longway" featuring Que Williams and Rudeboi, is setting an early high standard for his brand from the word GO! Lil Hustle (88) plans to build and expand his brand as an emerging artist by using a range of creative marketing strategies ranging from video games to movie sound tracks.

Desmond "Lil Hustle 88" Williams has endured a lot in his life, which has shaped his determination to leave a legacy and not just memories. His passion for music is part of the reason he works 88 percent of the time and rests 12 percent. So, whenever you see 88, anticipate greatness. Hustle was born into the melting pot streets of Miami, yet his talent was locked away in Jasper,FL most of his younger years. Breaking out of the box has him reaching for the rhymes, metaphors, and punchlines of his next single, "Arabians" featuring Holly Monroe.

Expect the unexpected.