Food Policy of United Airlines.

According to united airlines food policy, there are some points i.e. to be considered.

United Airlines has reduce meal service on flights as many people prefer to bring their own food. But there is a limited amount defined for food, snaks and drinks that you want to consumed on the flight. This quantity is subjected to guidelines i.e. set by United Airlines.

• Liquids should be carried through all security measures, but ther are some limitations. All liquides and gelsshould be in 3.4 ounce bottle and can be carried inside one quart bag and pulled out of your luggage for screening perpose. Salad dressing, soup and pudding are also considered into liquid.

• Food can be carried out in the flights in any quantity but make sure that it follows the basic limitations of United Airlines food policy.
• Airlines has to take care of the convinence of its customers, so you are only allowed to to take that food only from which your felllow passengers are not feel uncomfortable.
• After considering your needs airlnes also allowed you to keep some necessary things with you in the flight, so that you need not to face any problem.
• Except all this airlnes also provides you food in the flight and also serves you some snaks for free on some occasions like christmas.

This was the food policy of united airlines, so now enjoy your journry with the food of you liking.

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