Ergometrics, the leader in the development and delivery of video-based simulations for pre-employment and promotional applicant testing, announced that it has released Connect, the newest, most comprehensive testing product for candidates applying for customer service positions.

Connect requires applicants to analyze situations and make quick judgments about how to respond. Containing 49 questions, Connect is a video-based simulation test which shows typical phone and in-person scenarios modern customer service representatives face on the job. The Connect Video Test includes questions presented as simulations that require multi-tasking skills, including interpreting customer account information while communicating effectively with customers.

"Filmed in High Definition, Connect is a highly realistic, professional video-based job simulation test, focusing on the decision-making and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in positions requiring a customer service aptitude. The tests are designed to help organizations identify candidates who have the potential to become strong multitaskers and team players, demonstrating integrity, patience, courtesy and effective communication skills. I'm excited for our customers to use this exam, and to use the exam for our own future selection purposes," said Ergometrics President, Carl Swander, Ph.D.

About Ergometrics

Ergometrics is a human resource management firm specializing in personnel selection and training. Established in 1981, Ergometrics has designed the most comprehensive, award-winning video testing and job simulation testing programs in the nation, providing personnel testing services for over 1800 clients in the United States and Canada. Forty-three of the fifty largest cities in the U.S. use Ergometrics testing products, as do most state governments and hundreds of local entities and smaller organizations.

Greg Hyde
Vice President