BOOK EXPO, NYC – RuPaul, the multifaceted entertainer, host and executive producer of RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's DragCon, author of two books, actor, singer, songwriter and much more, today announced RuPaul's Love Yourself Library: a collection of books geared toward "self discovery and finding your frequency" on the Tapas mobile publishing app.

"This is a collection of titles that I know will inspire and help the seeker navigate the journey of life," RuPaul said.

RuPaul's Love Yourself Library is a curated collection of books targeted towards teens and millennials that are about finding love and self-acceptance, freeing individuals from being put in a box. The first book in the collection is the novel Cinderella Boy written by Kristina Meister. The book takes place in contemporary small town America and is a mash-up of She's All That and The Breakfast Club with stylings of Rainbow Rowell and Nick Hornby.

Cinderella Boy tells the tale of Declan, a trans teenager hiding behind a mop of hair and his video games whose female alter ego ultimately attracts the attention of the "prince" of the high school. What happens next is a fresh take on the Cinderella fairy tale.

"If Oscar Wilde and the Shakespeare who wrote As You Like It decided to collaborate on a young adult novel, the result might be much like Kris Meister's Cinderella Boy," said award-winning children's book author Douglas Rees. "Charming, touching, funny and sexy, graced by characters with depth, sensitivity and wit, this novel is a delight from the first page. But Cinderella Boy is more than another clever riff on the Cinderella motif. It is a true novel, presenting a segment of society--older teens--at a moment of deep and radical change--now."

Cinderella Boy is the inaugural title of RuPaul's Love Yourself Library and Tapas hopes to add new titles at a pace of 1-2 per month.

"We are excited to team up with the amazing RuPaul to provide a collection of stories that explore lifestyle diversity while also showcasing Tapas' mission of bringing bite-sized entertainment experiences to our customers," said Adrienne McWhorter, Chief Content Officer at Tapas Media.

Tapas Media is a next generation media company offering bite-sized content through its web and mobile platforms. Tapas Media boasts over 1 billion content views to date and over 1.6 million unique visits per month, primarily from readers in North America. Tapas Media is based in San Francisco with a satellite office in Seoul, Korea. Founded in 2012 by CEO Chang Kim, whose first company was the only South Korean company to be acquired by Google, Tapas Media is backed by respected investors including Kakao and 500 Startups.

To find Cinderella Boy, go to the Apple App store or Android App Store and download the Tapas app. Open the app, click on the in-app books, and start reading. The book costs 15 cents per episode after a generous free sample.


For further information contact:

Joelle Hawkes, RuCo, Inc. 212-929-2363

Adrienne McWhorter, Tapas Media 415-818-3885

Laurie McLean, Fuse Literary 650-922-0914