The Florida Healthcare Law Firm is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! We've been asked for a long time to put together a usable platform for compliance tools and services ... so we finally did it! Compliance is a funny thing in healthcare. It's like a virus – growing, morphing and can be tough to live with. And yet it's a large part of what we do at the Florida Healthcare Law Firm every day and have done for nearly 30 years. "Compliance"
means a lot of things to people. It's tough to define and frightening to consider. It seems way too big, expensive and unattainable. Which is why we built, to show you what we know and to have an opportunity to show you that compliance can be understandable and affordable.

"When I first got into healthcare law, I wondered how physicians and other healthcare providers kept on top of all of the regulations. I was pretty sure that they didn't devote classes to the Anti-Kickback Statute in medical schools. And I saw overworked office managers tasked with being the office know-it-all on complex laws like HIPAA and the Stark Law," says Attorney Jacqueline Bain, one of the lead developers of RiskShield Tools and Certified in Healthcare Compliance.

The new website is highly interactive. We developed the first guided self-assessment survey of its kind that will help you get on track with compliance and stay on track! We combine legal advice with traditional consulting services; and that efficiency is unique! No more tension between lawyer and consultant. Our assessment tools are tied to benchmarks set by the Federal government. That helps you weave compliance into your business without disrupting it!

We would also like to thank our amazing staff who donated their time and energy to make this site what it is. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please E-mail us.

Media Contact
Autumn Piccolo,
Florida Healthcare Law Firm