she and Susie are in danger. Other people on the island have an interest in Ettrick House - and one of them is prepared to kill.

About the Author:

Myra Duffy started writing at a very early age, both fiction and non-fiction. She now concentrates on fiction and although she still writes short stories and poetry, prefers to focus on novels, mainly cosy crime. 'When Old Ghosts Meet' was published in 2009, 'The House at Ettrick Bay' in 2010 and 'Last Ferry to Bute' in 2011. 'Last Dance at the Rothesay Pavilion', 'Endgame at Port Bannatyne', 'Grave Matters at St Blane's' and 'Death at the Kyles of Bute' followed, making a total of six cosy crime novels set on the Isle of Bute and the prequel 'When Old Ghosts Meet' set on Bute, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

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Excerpt from the Book:

"At Ettrick Bay, the sun is going down, the rippling light casting long shadows across the water. Along the sand, the oyster catchers gather, shrieking in the gloaming. No boats disturb the tranquillity of the steel grey waters lapping at the shore.

     The cattle in the fields beside the long path look up, startled by the sound of plough horses returning home. In the darkening sky, the stars appear one by one as the pale crescent moon casts a ghostly light across the fields ripe with corn.

     High above the bay, Ettrick House stands brooding, steadfast against the autumn winds.Couch grass and bindweed choke the once well-tended flower beds and the long sweeping drive is pitted and potholed. The windows are shuttered, dark.

     Alone in the silence of the empty house he sits nursing a glass of whisky, gazing at the pictures he sees in the flickering flames of the fire set against the chill of the evening.

     Now, in his old age, the ghosts come back to haunt him. They give him no rest. And he wonders if tonight will be the night when at last she is found."

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