With the participation of 530 enthusiastic young experts and the submission of 24 exceptional and innovative projects, Zayed University records an impressive participation during the first day of Think Science Fair held today (Sunday) at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of Emirates Foundation, the three-day fair featured capacity-building workshops, which help upgrade the youth's inventions and transform their ideas into investment projects with a social value.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Managing Director of the Emirates Foundation, and Clare Woodcraft, Chief Executive Officer of the Emirates Foundation, visited Zayed University booth and interacted with young Emirati scientists, who presented creative and smart ideas in the field of science and technology.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, said: "I am pleased to see a powerful presence of Zayed University and its outstanding students at one of the biggest events of its kind in the region that encourages youths' innovations and empowers them to follow their passion for science and technology by engaging in interactive, hands-on experiments."

"Zayed University has always been committed to motivate its young students and encourage their interests in science and technology, which are now essential skills just like writing and reading," Professor AlMehaideb added.

The Think Science Fair has also seen the presence of Dr Marilyn Roberts, Acting Provost at Zayed University, Dr Abdel Mohsen Onsy, Associate Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Dr Fatima AlDarmaki, Assistant Provost for Student Affairs, Dr Michael Allen, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Maitha Al Ali Executive Director of Planning and Chief Executive Officer for innovation, and Sadiq AlMulla, Chief Administration and Finance Officer.

During the event, Zayed University students have demonstrated various STEM experiments, which have attracted hundreds of visitors, academics, investors, school, and university students.

Aisha AlZaabi, 21 environmental science and sustainability student at Zayed University, demonstrated an experiment using water and cornflour that act like a liquid but behave like a solid when you mix it and hit it.

"I have always been fond of science experiments. I am extremely proud for being a Zayed University student. The University has exerted all possible efforts to provide us with a high quality education and gave us great opportunities to perform and engage in exciting and enriching science and technology activities," Aisha said on the sidelines of the fair.

Aisha and her colleagues from the College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities at Zayed University performed some fun experiments and science activities in order to simplify various complicated chemical formulas to visitors including school students.

The three-day fair also saw the presence of psychology club students.

Zayed University students introduced iTracker, which measures emotions using eye tracking.

Mariam Ali AlMazrouei, junior psychology student and president of psychology club at Zayed University, said: "I have a passion for psychology and I have always wanted to obtain a psychology degree, which can open the door to a variety of career opportunities. Through studying psychology, the one can learn more about him/herself and gain greater understanding of people. I am a curious person and studying psychology at Zayed University feeds my curiosity and satisfies my own interests in human nature."

Justin Thomas, Associate Professor at the College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities, said: " We conducted an art gallery at Zayed University, where students use iTracker to measure their emotions. We found that students, who are depressed, spent less time looking at positive image. Pupil measurements are closely linked with cognitive and emotional events."

Fares Howari, Professor of Environmental Sciences at Zayed University, also expressed his excitement to see increased student involvement, participation, and motivation that reflect Zayed University's critical commitment to enhance youth development and create a pool of talents.


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