NDIGITEC revamps brand identity to


·        Company reinforces core competencies with a Promise to excel across entire spectrum of operations

·        NDigitec aspires to be the benchmark of excellence and competence

NDigitec [Namma Int'l Digitec FZ LLC], a leading UAE-based creative production company offering an entire value chain of prepress, premedia, digital printing, fabrication, and online printing solutions for customers in over 25 countries, has revamped its brand identity in line with its future growth vision for the year 2020 in sync with Dubai's Vision 2020, taking the industry to unprecedented levels of excellence.

The newly revealed brand identity comes with a promise to be the enabler of inspiration for customers, and a commitment to deliver excellence service, fueled by NDigitec's solid track record of performance and innovation.

The NDigitec rebranding exercise is aimed allowing the public to better understand the value chain offered by NDigitec's core competencies - Prepress, Premedia, DigiPrint, Fabrication and its web2print platform: Dubaiprint.com. The Offered competencies now come with a tagline - A Promise Is a Promise.

The entire NDigitec rebranding architecture was conceptualized and executed within six months. The company's brand idea model reflects the central role of the idea in creating value for a company or service & its customers. NDigitec now offers its regional and NDigitec aspires to be the benchmark of excellence and competence global client base a unique mix of services - from creative concepts to execution under one roof.

Vatche Kavlakian, CEO of NDigitec, said: "We have no idols or heroes. We admire work, dedication and competence."

He added: "The company aims to raise the benchmarks in competence, with personal and technical aptitude to sustain competitive advantages for its customers. The key insight is that a competent person is a confident person, able to make promises and deliver on them with efficiency. We will continue to do this while taking a deeper customer-focused approach and commitment to service excellence".

Being confident and competent, each of NDigitec team members has made three promises as their own key performance indicator towards the team, company and most importantly towards NDigitec business partners.

Within the scope of the new brand competencies, NDigitec offers brand experiences and digital production solutions; web development and interactive solutions; augmented reality/ virtual reality and film production solutions; photography and talent services, prepress solutions, large and small format digital and 3D printing solutions; exhibition, digital signage and fabrication solutions including installation and web2print solutions through Dubaiprint.com.

NDigitec services the needs of the entire graphic arts industry, media and brand owners with over 20 solutions and 75 services structured to meet the demands competently. With over 500 customers spread across 25 countries and with skilled teams working around the clock, the company is well equipped to deliver on its promises to customers. Overall, NDigitec is a meeting point of technology and creativity. To know more about NDigitec, please visit www.ndigitec.com