Here in the UAE and particularly in Dubai we are spoiled with offers. Buy one, get one free is one of the most common and liked preposition. It has been a while since ARMotors, the leading independent Super Sports Car workshop in the UAE, run a campaign based on a discount. To be precise the last one they run a higher discount campaign for Porsche was end of 2014.

We met up with Alex Renner, Partner in ARMotors and asked him what has triggered this particular campaign?

"Well", he smiled, "we usually do not give discounts on the service we are offering. As you correctly noticed, the last time we looked at a value discount for our Porsche minor and major service was end of 2014. From then to now we received a lot of requests from Porsche clients to review our policies and design such an offer again for them."

You said you designed this campaign, what do you mean by design? "When offering such an interesting discount we cannot do this completely alone. We usually discuss this with our premium suppliers. After approaching these suppliers and discussing such an offer with them we come to a mutual understanding and design or conclude the offer accordingly."

Is this a normal practice for suppliers to participate in such campaigns? Alex replied "Not necessarily. However in our case our suppliers are close partner of ours since a very long time. Our business relation has manifested itself over the years and the partnership has grown over this period of time. With the combination of the support from our premium suppliers and our service input, we were able to come up with a 50% discount for major and for minor Porsche service."

We asked Alex further what AR Motors intent to achieve with this offer? "Offers like this as you mentioned earlier, have been looked at several times but finally offered very rarely. We are providing high quality repair work, paired with a high know how level and a customer centric approach. This particular campaign was triggered from client's side. What helped to realize this campaign was the opportunity given to us by our premium suppliers combined with the fact that we decided to give something back to our loyal Porsche clients." Alex concluded.

About ARMotors

ARMotors is the largest independent car workshop specializing in the luxury sports cars such as Porsche repair (, Ferrari service, Maserati workshop (, Aston Martin and Lamborghini. Using only hi-tech facility and in-depth knowledge of the brands to repair and maintain your car, ARMotors service is built around experience, using innovative new repair methods in all repair aspects. ARMotors is also now repairing Audi cars with their new diagnostic equipment specifically for the brand, hence making them capable to do any Audi repair (, electrical troubleshooting and coding of all required components.  ARMotors stands for high quality and professional luxury car repair. We are extending this excellence to all Audi cars in our care.


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