Parts Avatar launched its new website. This company is the North American car parts retailer that was established by the Canadian entrepreneurs from various sectors of the entire automotive industry. This represents the partnership of different parts retailers, software programmers and repair technicians.

All of them have established their careers on the merits of dependable and professional services. To us, this company is an outstanding commercial vehicle company to liberate the car aftermarket industry from clutches of conventional suppliers through giving their customers with access to similar wholesale selection and costs enjoyed by various repair shops.

Parts Avatar makes use of extensive network of warehouses and suppliers situated across the entire Canada, to not just maximize the number of top and popular brand names & inventory available to their consumers yet also to reduce the delivery times and shipping charges. The Canadian customers would be particularly pleased to know that all parts orders will be shipped from the Canadian warehouses. Today, consumers from Canada could enjoy the advantages of expedited shipping & wholesale costs on all their favorite brands.

At Parts Avatar, their industry-leading search engine is giving ground-breaking ease of access to car parts information to help the consumers identify the parts they need. Their customers will be able to get everything that they need at a price that will be suitable for their budget. On the other hand, for those customers who are experiencing difficulties in navigating online or have unresolved questions. They employ an experienced staff who could provide their knowledge as well as the expertise through online chat or through calling them at their toll free hotline.

They believe that their customers would be the ultimate arbiter of their success. At Parts Avatar will be extremely grateful for any concerns, feedback, critiques and tips that they may get depending on their experiences and dealings with the company.

Parts Avatar is selling a wide selection of products, and these include replacement parts, automotive lightings and body parts. This company provides a selection of high quality replacement parts, car parts and automotive lightings. Parts Avatar remains committed to providing top products to their customers. Shopping starts by creating an account and shop for the best products online.


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