The power of the internet has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Many successful crowdfunding campaigns have generated the funds needed for others to bring those dreams to life for us all to enjoy. DINERUN is also looking to run a successful campaign to help with the launch of our Restaurant Pickup & Delivery service. Once we reach the end of this campaign at minimum we hope to have acquired the funds needed to purchase two vehicles (car & van) to be used by our drivers.

You may ask what exactly is DINERUN? To keep it short and sweet what we do is in the name. We bring your favorite restaurant meals to your door as fast as possible. Once we receive a order we place it directly with the restaurant on behalf of our customers. Our drivers arrive as soon as order is ready for pickup to deliver to customers requested location. Restaurants are adding online ordering to give customers a little convenience but why stop there? Our service keeps restaurants out of the transportation business lowering overhead by managing all deliveries and online services.

Having reliable vehicles is a very important part of our operation. The mock-ups we received of our vehicle wrap designs look awesome. Below you will find a picture attached with this blog post. Imagine DINERUN vehicles cruising through your neighborhoods safely as we bring your favorite meals to your door. With your support this can be made possible. Every contribution counts. Not only will your support help us get this business off the ground but those vehicles cannot drive themselves your helping provide jobs we would need to HIRE drivers.

Help us take this campaign viral and share it on all of your social media accounts. Rewards are available for our contributors. Get 3 Free deliveries or a T-Shirt for your support. Want to be apart of our team? Check out our rewards. DINERUN training available for all interested in bringing our website to your city.

Restaurant owners contact us to discuss your menu on our site.

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