Cynthia Fain, who was a long-time resident of Montgomery County Maryland has published "Mystical Animals of Ancient Oak". A civically active, environmental and animal protection advocate, Cynthia writes about true stories  reflecting the healing that comes with time spent in nature. The timely subject of remembering to honor life - in this era of chaos and technology is echoed throughout the book.

The book focuses on the animals Cynthia encountered during time spent in the community of Ancient Oak in Darnestown, MD - as well as the time she spent in South Valley Park in Montgomery Village, MD. As our region's forest habitat and green space was lost to development, the importance of finding nature and parks became vital to people and animals.

"Follow the road to Ancient Oak and South Valley Park, and learn to find healing in the animals and nature around you. Through surprising and unique ways, animals find their way into our lives and show us what we have long forgotten." - Quotes from "Mystical Animals of Ancient Oak".

Cynthia Fain served on the Board of Directors of the West Montgomery County Citizen's Association from 2009 - 2011. She was an active member of the Montgomery Village Foundation's Environment Committee and Wildlife Rescue Committee from 1992-1995.  And she worked and volunteered for non-profit animal protection organizations. Other volunteer work was with Maryland State Government - Maryland Environmental Trust.

Reviews Copies of the book are available upon request.

The book is now available on in both Kindle and paperback versions.

Cynthia is available for interviews, book signings and other promotional events.