Features monthly are:Featured Next Month!; Through the Moons: (The Native American 13month Calendar of the Year); 2015 List of Pow-Wows; Socials and Special Events; Do You Know!?; Kachinas; Native Words; Plenty Basket; Recommended Books, Shamanic Spirit Medicine Wheel; Talking Stick (Editor's Comment).

Semi-Regular Features seen in magazine are these:

At The Navajo Nation Zoo; Consider This…; Craft Project!; Finned Ones; Frog Folk; In the Night…; Native Words (Additional);
Photo Gallery; Plant Persons; Special feature; The Crawlers; The Standing Tall Persons; (What?!); (New!) Wingeds;From the Black Lodge Native American Monsters; Zuni Totem Animals.

April Issue column highlights:

In the Night…
: North American Nocturnal Birds (Besides Owls); Part Two: The mysterious "Timberdoodle"; Guest Writer!: Jaimie Bogart from the Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies, located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts; talks about the habits and behavior of the nocturnal active bird….: The mysterious "Timberdoodle";American Woodcock (Scolopax minor)

Premier of New Native Words Additional Series; From Garden & Grove

The gifts of vegetables, fruits, and other plant sourced foods, from the mother earth.

Consider This…: Atlantic Humpback whale…

Finned Ones: The Bygone Era of the Shad Runs

Plant Persons; Shadbush/Serviceberry


Plenty Basket; (Native and traditional American food recipes!); Early Spring Foods

Shamanic Spirit Medicine Wheel; (April) Beaver

Do You Know!?; (Opossum)

(What?!); What?! Opossums have either partial or total immunity to the venom produced by poisonous snakes?!

Kachinas; Zuni Rain Priest Kachinas

Next Issue (April)

Hopefully ready by or before, third week of April.