Online Copy Guru, LLC, a direct response copywriting and marketing strategy firm, has combined their background and experience to compile the most proven methods and techniques to help them build successful online marketing campaigns.  The ebook is designed for newcomers to online marketing as well as businesses who are simply looking to improve their results.  The ebook explains lead magnets, squeeze pages, generating traffic to your offer, email marketing, and how to upsell customers.

"We work with so many clients that are struggling to figure out their online marketing strategy," says Monique Poché, Owner of Online Copy Guru, LLC.  "We found that by providing them with this simple guide, we could help them pinpoint where their current campaigns needed improvement.  We know that online marketing can be an involved and sometimes frustrating process.  Our ebook will help them break apart their campaign into easy steps that can be tracked and monitored on a regular basis."

The ebook is currently available at

About Online Copy Guru, LLC

Online Copy Guru, LLC specializes in direct response copywriting and marketing strategy services.  Their solutions let companies improve their marketing performance and increase credibility through copywriting, professional marketing strategy development, and proven traffic-building strategies.

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